Anton Suarez Cashes In to Become Partypoker Live Millions UK Champion

Anton Suarez Cashes In to Become Partypoker Live Millions UK Champion

Cash game grinder Anton Suarez is the new Partypoker Live Millions champion and $1 million richer after defeating all-comers at the UK’s Dusk Till Dawn card room.

Anton Suarez

Swedish cash game grinder Anton Suarez is the new Partypoker Live Millions UK champion and $1 million richer. (Image: Flickr/Partypoker)

Part of the Live Millions UK festival, the $10,300 main event attracted 530 players. With a $5 million guarantee, pros came from far and wide to compete for a seven-figure payday.

Americans Faraz Jaka and Jeff Gross were among those that made the transatlantic trip to the English city of Nottingham.

Smooth Suarez Slips into Top Spot

As expected, the Brits were out in force and, at one point, Partypoker representatives Roberto Romanello and Patrick Leonard were challenging for the top spot. As the field thinned and traveling pros made their presence felt, it was Suarez who came out on top.

When the final table rolled around on Jan. 12, eight players were guaranteed at least $100,000. Despite that, the allure of a million dollar top prize was enough to spark 2017 Partypoker Millions Live UK champion Maria Lampropulos into life.

Committing her stack with ace-queen, she needed some help from the dealer after Jack Hardcastle called with pocket nines. That help never came and Lampropulos was sent to the rail in eighth.

With the deadlock broken, the tables were soon turned on Hardcastle. Unable to make use of the chips he’d just acquired, the Englishman was all-in and all out with K♦T♦. Moving in on a 9♥3♦J♦ flop, Hardcastle had plenty of outs against Christian Rudolph’s pocket queens. But as promising as the flop was, the 6♣ and T♠ on the turn and river were blanks.

After another player exited the final table, Suarez started to make his move. Moving slowly at first, he picked up the pace with three players left. Raising with pocket deuces and hitting the perfect flop, Suarez managed to trap James Romero holding K♦J♦.

Assuming his hand was strong enough with the board showing Q♦2♥K♣, Romero stuck it to Suarez. Unfortunately for him, Suarez made the quick call with a set of deuces. All but out, Romero made his retreat as the dealer offered no reprieve.

Partypoker Live Millions Title Heading to Sweden

Heads-up, Suarez was into his stride. Even with Germany’s Christian Rudolph bringing the heat, the Swede gained the upper hand. In the end, A♦8♥ got it done.

Limp-calling Rudolph’s all-in, Suarez was the champion by the time an ace appeared on the turn. With Rudolph holding 7♥4♥ and the board running out 9♦K♣2♦A♠, the 9♣ on the river brought the finale to a conclusion.

Partypoker Live Millions UK Result

  1. Anton Suarez – $1,000,000
  2. Christian Rudolph – $620,000
  3. James Romero – $420,000
  4. James Clarke – $311,000
  5. Frederik Andersson – $230,000
  6. Weijie Zheng – $170,000
  7. Jack Hardcastle – $130,000
  8. Maria Lampropulos – $100,000

After raking in the final pot and lapping up the applause, Suarez told Partypoker’s reporters that joining past champions was a great feeling. As a cash game player that doesn’t enter many tournaments, he was “super happy” picking up his first Partypoker Live Millions title and $1 million.

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