Antagonistic Doug Polk Trolls Daniel Negreanu on SHRB Day One, Kid Poker Gets Last Laugh Ending Session as Chip Leader

May 28th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

If karma is a real thing, it may have been in play on Day One at the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl Sunday. Doug Polk, who was seated next to Daniel Negreanu for much of the day at the featured table, trolled his hated rival by wearing a shirt that read, “More Rake is Better,” but Kid Poker wasn’t fazed.

Doug Polk Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk has mocked Daniel Negreanu the past year for suggesting that ‘more rake is better.’ (Image: Twitter)

By the end of the day, Negreanu had left the long session with a commanding chip lead, while Polk will now have to watch the remainder of the event on PokerGo.

The 48-player, $300,000 buy-in tournament attracted many of the top players in the game today, along with numerous poker boom era legends, including Phil Ivey who was a last-minute entry after Andrew Robl backed out.

Ivey has been mostly absent from the tournament poker scene the past few years, but it appears he’s back, at least for now. “No Home Jerome” ended Day One with 254,000, slightly below the 300,000-chip starting stack, but still has plenty of dancing chips.

Ivey, who doesn’t have much experience playing against many of the new-school pros, was less aggressive than what poker fans have seen from him in the past. Perhaps, he was just getting a feel for how the GTO-obsessed tournament players of today would play against him on Day One.

Justice Served?

Doug Polk has repeatedly verbally attacked Daniel Negreanu over the past year for his affiliation with PokerStars, a poker site he made millions on but now despises. In 2016, DNegs defended a PokerStars rake increase, suggesting that “more rake is better” for recreational players, a comment Polk has continually mocked.

On Sunday, Doug, seated next to Negreanu, showed up for Day One at noon wearing a harmless Upswing Poker shirt. But shortly after the PokerGo livestream cameras began filming at 3 pm, he removed that shirt in favor of one that read, “More Rake is Better,” to mock the legend he recently referred to as, “an embarrassment to the game of poker.”

Negreanu stayed mostly silent throughout the awkward session, focusing on his game instead of the sideshow Polk brought to the session.

“I’m just here to win a poker tournament,” Negreanu told PokerGo sideline reporter Drea Renee. “All those sideshows is not what this is about. This is a very prestigious event. I’m not going to let anything distract me.”

Polk’s antics clearly didn’t distract the grizzled veteran. Negreanu dominated most of the hands he played against his rival, picking off a river bluff in one hand with ace-high and winning a big pot with a well-disguised pair of queens against Doug’s pocket 10’s in another.

Negreanu did his talking with his chips, finishing the day with a massive chip lead at over 1.6 million, over 600,000 more than 2ndplace Jason Koon. Polk, on the other hand, did his talking with a shirt that probably should have read, “I’m Only Here for One Session,” as he busted late in the day. Karma 1 Doug Polk 0.

Playing for $5 Million

There are 30 remaining players all hoping to win the $5 million championship prize. Kathy Lehne (801,500) is the only woman in the field. She’ll be joined on Day Two by a mix of poker boom era legends (Negreanu, Ivey, Brandon Adams), some young German superstars (Fedor Holz, Rainer Kempe, Christoph Vogelsang, Steffen Sontheimer), hedge-fund billionaire Bill Perkins, and other skilled poker players not named Doug Polk.

Day One Chip Leaders

1 Daniel Negreanu (Canada) 1,618,000

2 Jason Koon (United States) 986,000

3 Steffen Sontheimer (Germany) 960,500

4 Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) 888,500

5 Bryn Kenney (United States) 852,500


*Koray Aldemir has the shortest stack with 83,500.

Brian Rast and Antonio Esfandiari busted early on Sunday. Rast, the 2015 champion, attempted a massive bluff for all his chips against Lehne who made the call and sent him home quickly.

Phil Hellmuth’s strategy of showing up late, nearly four hours on Sunday, didn’t work this time. The Poker Brat had more than 40,000 chips blinded off while he was sleeping, only lasted a few hours before busting.

Other notable Day One bust outs: Andrew Lichtenberger, Tom Marchese, David Peters, Isaac Haxton, and Eric Seidel.

Day Two kicks off at noon PT with the PokerGo livestream to begin at 3 pm.

WSOP Open for Business

A mile away from the Aria, host of the SHRB, is the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, which hosts the 2018 World Series of Poker. The WSOP will officially open to the public with cash games and Daily Deepstack tournaments on Tuesday, a day before the first bracelet events of the summer ($565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em and $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Super Turbo Bounty).

CardsChat will have exclusive coverage throughout the summer of the SHRB, the WSOP, and other major events in Las Vegas.

9 Responses to “Antagonistic Doug Polk Trolls Daniel Negreanu on SHRB Day One, Kid Poker Gets Last Laugh Ending Session as Chip Leader”

  1. Poker Orifice says:

    Jon not hard to see you’re a total Negreanu fanboy.
    I don’t particularly like Doug Polk but I do like the fact that he calls Negreanu out on his B.S. Negreanu acting like he’s in there for the good of the players when he’s clearly only in there for the good of himself. He backs a bunch of crooks. It’s his job. If he wanted to make a real statement, showing his concern for the recreational player, he’d quit his job with Stars which personally I think would be one of the very best things that could happen to online poker today. I believe it would influence many recreational players to consider other alternatives (ie. Partypoker where ALL players are receiving 20% rakeback while playing on a platform that is steadily improving… all decisions made by Partypoker over the past couple years are in the player’s best interest. Is that what Stars is doing?)
    Good for you Doug Polk. Next time let’s hope that bluff gets through 🙂

    • JonSofen says:

      Some people call me a Doug Polk fanboy, others think I’m a Negreanu fanboy.

      I can’t keep up anymore.

      I’m no fanboy for anyone. I like Negreanu for what he’s done for the game. No one has brought in more players to the game than Negreanu and it’s not even close. I also like Polk because he also brings in players to the game and creates some great YouTube content.

      But the “more rake is better” joke got old like a year ago. It was funny for a minute but it’s just not fresh trash talk anymore. I appreciate good trash talk. This was good smack talk a year ago. It’s now weak.

      Still like Doug. Love watching him play and his videos. Just call it like I see it.

    • milencenov says:

      Dan Negreanu has remarkable skills in poker.

      And he was at that casino to play poker.

      As much as I really detest his statement about rake increase, I also detest Doug Polk for not discovering new things and people to mock at, after so much time had passed since Negreanu’s statement.

      Doug Polk did not make his videos because he cares about players.

      He did not wear this T-shirt because he cares about players.

      He did those things, because he wanted to attract some attention.

  2. wilywiles says:

    Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu are both great respectable players. I prefer not to allow a personal feud between the two interfere with my opinion of their game. I’ve actually learned a lot from both players. They distinctively different styles of playing that I’ve noticed. Daniel Negreanu is known for a cautious small ball style of play, which works out great for him with his ability to read players and make big calls against players who try to take advantage of his cautious style. Doug Polk is more tuned to the online style of play, where he depends on big moves and getting his money in preflop,.

    Overall, the feud they have doesnt interfere with my judgment of either player. They both are respectable.

  3. DiegoRamos says:

    I find the skill of Negreanu simply striking, Polk clearly tried to psychologically deflate and ended up self-defeating. Daniel in my view is still the best player in the world. There was a downtime but now it’s No limit 🙂

  4. JBGoode says:

    I love both these guys, and I’m not the type to pick sides. I watch just as many Daniel Negreanu YouTube Videos, as I do of Doug on upswing. Their styles are very different, but still relevant.
    With that said, this isn’t about their playing styles per say, but their opinions on how the game should, and could be profited from by providers.

    Regardless at the end of the day this rivalry is good for the game. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how ESPN will cover it during the WSOP. I’m really hoping they will end up at the same table.
    If that happens, I believe it will make SportCenter. In turn possibly bringing Hold’em back into the spot light.

    Now I know some of you will disagree with me. Say it’s pointless drama, and there is no place for this in poker. My reply to you is. Everything revolves around drama these days. It’s very sad, but very true. The way Doug runs his mouth on social media, because of Daniel’s very un-logical statement. Combined with his profitable relationship he has with PokerStars. Is a very good story about today’s game, and is very entertaining to today’s viewers. Thus it will bring a lot of new players to the game.

    It’s like Magic Johnson against Micheal Jordan back in the 90’s. The Young kid out of NCU, said to possibly be the best of all time. But the “current best of all time” isn’t gonna lay down for anyone. Difference is, poker has proven to the world it doesn’t matter how long you have been around. As long as your brain can keep up, you can still stay relevant. Unlike in traditional physical sports. When your body goes, so does your career.

  5. Spaceman says:

    I love both Negreanu and Polk, and their playing styles. Getting them on the same table is gold. I will join Poker Go just to watch them. Polk eliminating early doesnt mean a thing really. Esfandiary, Hellmouth, Seidel and Haxton also busted early. I am curious what Doug will say about this on his next youtube video he makes. Karma is a b*** definately.

  6. Alexandr Svinarshyk says:

    an excellent game for Negrian. I always admired his game and wanted to reach this level.

  7. GRIN281289 says:

    I think Doug Floor makes it or he does it just because he loses to Daniel Negreanu around . and second, I can think of him as probably the Troll of Doug for his publicity , because Daniel is the most famous player in the world , in my opinion .

    Daniel Negreanu is the best

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