Americas Cardroom Launches Unique Bankroll Beneficiaries Program

Americas Cardroom, a US-facing online poker site, rolled out a new feature that will benefit friends and families of players who pass away. Phil Nagy, the Winning Poker Network’s outspoken CEO, introduced the Bankroll Beneficiaries program, which he refers to as the “best feature I’ve ever planned.”

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Americas Cardroom wants to take care of its deceased customers. (Image:

Tragic, unforeseen events in life happen from time to time, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us. But when an online poker player passes away before cleaning out the poker site account, that money is typically lost to the poker site. That’s where Nagy and WPN are stepping in to ensure their customers never run into the same issue going forward.

The CEO said in a tweet about other companies implementing a similar program that consumers should “demand they do something like this.”

Americas Cardroom Cares About its Customers

Bankroll Beneficiaries, an exclusive Americas Cardroom program and a concept unique to online poker, is set to launch on June 30. The poker site allows customers to deposit and withdraw funds via cryptocurrency. When the innovative new program kicks off, players will be encouraged to designate their account balance to a loved one’s crypto accounts in the event something happens to the player.

When players enroll in the Bankroll Beneficiaries program, all they have to do is enter a loved one’s crypto address and the percentage of the account balances they want to be sent to each beneficiary. They can choose to have that money distributed to the beneficiaries if they don’t log into their Americas Cardroom account for a certain length of time. So, if the customer pre-selects to have the funds sent to beneficiaries if he or she doesn’t log in for 12 months straight, the account balance will automatically be distributed to the chosen beneficiaries after 12 months of inactivity.

While unique to online poker, similar programs are common in the financial world. When you sign-up for a stock brokerage firm, you can designate beneficiaries to receive your investment funds in the event you pass away.

“As a husband and father, this is the coolest feature I have seen a poker site do. Very nice to know my wife and kids will not have to worry about tracking down my balance,” new Americas Cardroom ambassador Chris Moneymaker wrote on Twitter.

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