Allen Kessler Joins Elite Poker Elephant App, Will Provide Poker Advice to Users

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Poker pro Allen Kessler will lend some advice to Poker Elephant users, a multi-game hand recording app that lets you share, store, and analyze poker hands you’ve played. The “Chainsaw” becomes the second member of the app’s “Ask a Pro” team. He’ll be on hand to analyze your hands and tell you what you did wrong, or right.

Allen Kessler poker elephant
Allen Kessler with Poker Elephant owners Lena Evans (left) and Ellie Fair (right). (Image:

Melanie Weisner, a talented pro, is already with the growing mobile app. The purpose of the “Ask a Pro” team is to help users improve their games.

Users submit questions to the pros on how to get better at poker, poker lifestyle concerns, or to have hands they’ve played analyzed by an expert. The app, co-owned by Ellie Fair and Poker League of Nations founder Lena Evans, is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Kessler Lends Expertise

Kessler is one of the most polarizing figures in poker. He isn’t afraid to put himself out there and share his views. And he has nearly $3.9 million in live tournament cashes. Thus, his value to the Poker Elephant’s “Ask a Pro” team.

Kessler will be responsible for answering poker-related questions from users. As he said in a press release, “there is nothing I love talking about more than poker.” Kessler’s been playing poker for decades, and had quite a bit of success.

“I have been asked a lot of questions and shared a lot of tips along the way, so I’m excited to take it to the next level and join the amazing pros on Poker Elephant,” Kessler said.

Kessler became a favorite on Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Europe vlogs on YouTube last year. Negreanu sought him out during each vlog to find out what he was most upset about that day. “Chainsaw’s Corner” was perhaps the most popular segment of the vlogs.

If you enjoyed his daily appearances on Negreanu’s vlogs, you can now communicate with him via the Poker Elephant app. He’ll be glad to share tips on how to cash in WSOP braclet events, as he’s done 81 times. He also has 96 cashes in WSOP Circuit tournaments.

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