2018 Midterm Elections: Poker Players Get Ready to Vote

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The 2018 midterm elections in the US are officially underway Tuesday. All across the country, millions of Republicans, Democrats, and people who despise Republicans and Democrats, vote for local and national politicians who will shape the future of America in a variety of ways.

2018 midterm elections

Poker players are preparing for the 2018 midterm elections in the US. (Image: thenew1037.com)

Poker Impacted in Florida

That includes prominent poker players such as Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow, who are concerned one Florida issue could negatively impact the game of poker.

When voters in the Sunshine State head to the polls, they’re asked to vote “Yes” or “No” on Constitutional Amendment 3. The question is should voters be given “the exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling.”

Matusow and Negreanu, neither of whom live in the state, don’t agree on much politically. But, on this issue, they are in agreement.

Poker Alliance (formerly PPA) agrees with the poker legends. The organization, which Poker Central now owns, believes a “Yes” vote will prevent gambling expansion, online and land-based, in Florida. Of course the poker advocacy group opposes a measure that limits gambling expansion.

Poker Alliance encourages legislators to pass measures that help make it easier for gambling expansion. That includes building new land-based casinos and certainly online poker sites.

News-Press, a Florida subsection of the USA Today, also opposes Amendment 3. The online publication suggests a “Yes” vote will make it tough on casino operators.

“In order to get a new casino, complete with card games, casino games and slot machines, a business would need to get hundreds of thousands of signatures to get it on the ballot and then hope for voter approval,” the paper said.

Currently, voters in Florida don’t have much of a say on who can obtain a gambling license. And the Poker Alliance likes that because it prevents the anti-gambling population from attempting to strike down all proposed new casino measures.

Polk Trolling

Doug Polk trolled people on the internet. What else is new? The Upswing Poker founder cracked a sarcastic joke about FiveThirtyEight journalist Nate Silver that many of his followers didn’t pick up on.

Polk, of course, was just kidding here. A poker player who stresses GTO principles certainly understands probabilities, which is what Silver uses for his election projection model. But many didn’t get the joke.

@BenSoucie wrote, “Uh… you’d be one of the last people I’d expect to fail to understand how probabilities work. Hopefully I’m just missing hidden sarcasm.” He was.

@ChirpYa said, “71 isn’t 100.” He’s good at math.

@catanocarlos responded, “She lost the Electoral College…She WON the popular vote by a big margin…@NateSilver538 was not wrong!!!”

Credit Polk. His troll jobs are usually a rousing success.

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