Dan Cates Holds Dubious Distinction of 2017’s Biggest Online Loser for Q1+ 18 Days

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Dan “Jungleman” Cates isn’t off to a banner start in 2017 at the online poker tables. But it’s still relatively early in the year, and a massive comeback is always possible. Just ask the New England Patriots.

Dan Cates
Dan “Jungleman” Cates (seen here at the 2013 WSOP) is the biggest loser in online poker for 2017 to date, as of April 18. (Image: alchetron.com)

Jungleman better hope he can find his inner Tom Brady before December 31, or he’ll end up with a painful year of losses. As of April 18, Cates has lost $494,652 since January 1 on PokerStars under the screen name “w00ki3z.” That gives him the dubious distinction of 2017’s Biggest Online Loser so far this year.

His PokerStars account is still in the black lifetime overall, though. He’s won more than $850,000 under this screen name. But it pales in comparison to the millions of dollars he’s won as a heads-up specialist on Full Tilt Poker, using the “jungleman12” moniker.

His 2017 graph on HighStakesDB has remained steady since January. He hasn’t won or lost much in the past few months. Cates dropped approximately $460,000 the first month of the year. Although he hasn’t continued the massive losses since then, he also hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, either.

Bleeding Money

Jungleman isn’t the only high-profile pro struggling online in 2017. Dani “supernova9” Stern has lost $485,134 on PokerStars since the start of the year, putting him just a shade below Cates.

Bill Perkins, using the screen name “GASTRADER” on the same poker site is third on the list that no one wants to be on. He’s down $396,196 for the year as of April 18. But it’s not like that even matters to a man worth nine figures. The hedge fund boss probably won’t lose any sleep over such a “tiny” loss.

Perkins, a live high stakes regular, was recently banned from America’s Card Room. He didn’t begin playing under this account at PokerStars until last October. The businessman lost $106,000 from then until the end of the year. Things haven’t improved since.

Winner’s Circle

There are many players who have won big online thus far in 2017. The leader, a player named “Ravenswood13,” tops the charts. He has profited a whopping $792,994 since January 1.

The incredible start to the year brings him in the black lifetime by just $10,716. He was more than $800,000 negative during his online poker career at the end of 2016. At one point in 2015, he was down $1.15 million lifetime. In September 2014, Ravenswood13 was up $473,950.

Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov is among the 2017 leaders, with a $320,171 upsurge. He’s considered one of the best online players in the world and his lifetime graph proves it.

Kuznetsov’s graph shows a consistent upward spike since 2011. He now has a career $2.2 million profit on PokerStars in nearly 540,000 hands. The Russian had already been a big winner on Full Tilt Poker before the site closed down.

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