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Tips on What You Should Avoid Doing

You have been lied to! Every single one of you have probably heard some of the wrong advice that I am about to spout off. In fact, it really infuriates me that so much bad advice is out there and people who are just trying to get better and learn about poker are being led on a wild goose-chase and being fed incorrect advice. Well don’t fear, I’m here to save the day and dispel every single misconception that you may hear from another poker player or coach!

"You can find a better spot"

Often people talk about passing up edges in poker tournaments because they claim "they can find a better spot". In my opinion this is just totally retarded. Any spot that is +EV or +Chip EV you should grab with both hands. In order to maximise your expectation you need to to get your chips in the middle in any +EV spot you can find. Yes there are situations where you may want to fold a +chip EV situation - for example, in a satellite tournament with AA when your seat is guaranteed, but that's -EV although it's +chip EV. If you still don't get what I'm saying, look at it with this simple analogy, if someone offered you free money, would you refuse it because you think you might get some more free money from someone else! No you wouldn't, you take the free money from one dude and hope another dude comes along soon who will give you some more free money. There is no better spot! Any +EV spot is the best spot!

"You need to avoid getting all in with a coinflip"

Like in the previous spiel about +EV spots, if you get it allin preflop and it's a coin flip it's not necessarily a bad thing. Yes it could be a bad thing but it's all about the expectation of the spot. If you were +EV against someones range and you happened to get it in "that time" as a coin flip, that's just unlucky. You got it allin in a +EV spot against their range and you will want to get it allin every single time possible. You can also be the caller and getting it in as a dog or a coinflip can be a +EV spot overall. For example, maybe you have a ton of chips in the middle and you estimate your 45% against someones whole range. Call it off, all the extra chips in the middle increase this to a +EV spot which you must grab! Again, don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying you should actively look for coinflip spots or spots when you can call it off when your behind someone's range. What I'm saying is you should try and maximise your expectation whenever possible and take every single +EV spot that arises.

"Bet for information" or "Bet to protect my hand"

This is plain out wrong. You should never bet to get information or to protect your hand. Both of these are effects of betting and not the reason why you should bet. I wrote a whole article on the 3 reasons for betting.  You should only bet for value, as a bluff or to capitalise on the dead money. Don’t be fooled when someone tells you should be betting to gain information!

“Tournament poker is all about survival”

Tournament poker is all about making the most money possible by getting into as many +EV spots as possible. It's not about survival! I really don’t give a shit if Phil Hellmuth tells you it's about survival. Phil Hellmuth is a donk and doesnt know better.

"Big stacks should avoid big stacks"

Nope, what a lie! Big stacks should avoid getting into -EV confrontations against other big stacks. Heck, big stacks should avoid getting into -EV spots against anyone.

Stay vigilant people, just because someone is offering you strategy advice, it doesn't mean that they are right. Remember, always keep asking questions. If someone doesn't make logical sense to you, don't adopt their advice into your game. Good luck people!

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