2023's Best Real Money Mississippi Stud Poker Sites

Mississippi Stud poker is a simple to play and easy to learn form of poker. In this guide:

How We Rate Our Poker Sites

We keep our expectations high when it comes to poker sites. The factors we take into consideration when rating these sites include:


We think compatibility is important for offering variety to players. We favor sites that offer excellent compatibility and smooth Mississippi Stud poker gameplay options for mobile, tablet, and desktop players.

Game Selection

Continuing the theme of variety, we believe the more games a poker site offers, the better, as long as they are of good quality. The sites we review most favorably tend to offer a wide array of poker games such as Texas Hold'em, as well as online slots, and other table and card games.

Payment Options

To find a place on our shortlist, a poker site must provide a good range of easy deposit and withdrawal methods. We also expect safety, security, and speed to be priorities for payouts from poker sites.

Platform Interface

Excellent games are as important as variety, if not more so. If we recommend a site it is because its offering high quality titles from the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and other highly respected experts in the industry.


We believe in players always feeling safe and protected when playing at poker sites, especially when parting with their own money. We only shortlist sites using the latest in cutting edge encryption technology and firewalls.


If a site gets our seal of approval, its because it offers round the clock support if there is any issue or query that needs to be resolved. All our recommended sites boast quick complaint resolution times.

How to Play Mississippi Stud Poker

1. Wager

Player makes an ante wager

2. Cards are dealt
Cards are dealt

Dealer gives two face down cards to the player, and deals three face down community cards

3. Fold or bet
Fold or bet

Players chooses to fold or make a bet between one and three times the ante wager

4. 1st community card revealed
1st community card revealed

The first community card is turned over and step three is repeated

5. 2nd community card revealed
2nd community card revealed

The second community card is turned over and step three is repeated

6. 3rd community card revealed
3rd community card revealed

The third community card is turned over and step three is repeated

7. Paid out
Paid out

Player is paid out for a five-card poker hand of a pair of jacks or better

8. The payouts
The payouts

A pair (jacks or better) pays out 1-1, two pairs 2-1, three of a kind 3-1, a straight 4-1, a flush 6-1, a full house 10-1, four of a kind 40-1, a straight flush 100-1, and a royal flush 500-1.

9. The final result
The final result

A five-card hand with a pair of 6s through 10s results in a push (tie), all other hands constitute a loss.

Different Types of Stud Poker

  1. Caribbean Stud Poker

    Played against the dealer, Caribbean Stud is more complex than Mississippi Stud. Dealer and player are dealt five cards each, and as with Mississippi Stud, only folding and raising are options here. Payouts are made if the dealer doesnt qualify (has a hand lower than ace and king high) or if the dealer qualifies (has a hand valued ace and king high or better) and the player has a superior five-card poker hand. Bigger payouts are made for beating the dealer, with the ante and raise both paying (only the ante pays if the dealer doesnt qualify).

  2. Let It Ride Stud Poker

    Similarly to Mississippi Stud, Let it Ride is not played against the dealer, with payouts being made for five-card poker hands valuing a pair of 10s or higher.

    Three bets are made, and three cards are dealt to the player. When cards are dealt, the player can pull back their first bet or Let it Ride, based on their three-card hand. After the first of two community cards is revealed, the same choice is made with the second bet. Payouts are then made for any five-card hand containing a pair of 10s or higher.

Mobile Mississippi Stud Poker

With simple rules, no opposing players, and each hand only lasting a matter of seconds, Mississippi Stud poker is an excellent choice for mobile gaming.


Android users will find a plethora of online poker sites providing Mississippi Stud poker games directly through their browser. The best of these sites offer swift and seamless gameplay for mobile users.

The Google Play store also houses numerous apps from top quality online casinos, often providing an even easier to use interface with crisp graphics and animations.

Alongside Mississippi Stud poker, you will find countless other poker games, and various alternative casino titles to explore both in your browser and through casino apps.

Best casino for Android:

Replay Poker

Best games provider for Android:

Replay Poker

Best mobile poker for Android:

Mississippi Stud poker


iOS offers excellent performance when it comes to powering games in your mobile browser. Most poker sites offering high-quality Mississippi Stud poker games will provide the ability to access these directly from your browser, where you will find attractive games that are fast-responding, and simple to navigate.

The App Store is also brimming with casino apps, many of the best poker sites provide apps for iPhone users, many of which offer Mississippi Stud titles with outstanding graphics and excellent gameplay.

Best casino for iPhone:

Replay Poker

Best games provider for iPhone:

Replay Poker

Best mobile poker for iPhone:

Mississippi Stud poker
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What is Mississippi Stud card game?

Mississippi Stud is a simple five-card poker game where the player tries to make a hand of a pair of jacks or better. Hands are formed using two cards that are dealt to the player, and five community cards. After the ante wager, bets of 1x, 2x, or 3x the ante are made when cards are dealt, and after each community card is revealed in turn.

What is the best poker site for Mississippi Stud poker?

Due to its simple nature, and the fact that the player is only really playing against themselves (not against the dealer or other players) Mississippi Stud poker is a popular game for online players. As a result, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding the right online casino to play at. Check out our list of some of the best poker sites for playing Mississippi Stud.

Why should I play Mississippi Stud poker?

Mississippi Stud is one of the simplest forms of poker, and involves no bluffing or reading of other players, or of the dealer. You are essentially playing against yourself, trying to get a winning hand out of the five available cards. With a house edge that can go as low as 1.37%, Mississippi Stud can have a higher chance of winning than many other casino games.

Is Mississippi Stud Poker beatable?

As a game of chance, there is no way to guarantee winning when playing Mississippi Stud poker. There are, however, strategies that can be employed to give the highest RTP (return-to-player, essentially the opposite of a house edge) possible, and raise your chances of winning. There are several strategies that players utilise to raise their chances of winning.

What is the house edge in Mississippi Stud poker?

The theoretical house edge of Mississippi Stud Poker is 4.91%. However, this doesnt consider any bets made after the initial wager. When accounting for the three further bets needed to win, the practical house edge for Mississippi Stud poker can be as low as 1.37%, which is better than roulette and many forms of poker.

What are the odds of winning in Mississippi Stud poker?

The odd of winning in Mississippi Stud poker differ depending on how much you raise. Note: All optimal Mississippi Stud strategies suggest never raising 2x the ante, either bet once, or triple, depending on your hand.

At the initial point of cards being dealt, odds are lower, with a house edge of 4.91%, but as bets are made, these odds can lower substantially, to under 1.4%, depending on whether the community cards fall in your favour.

How many decks are used in Mississippi Stud poker?

Conventional Mississippi Stud Poker uses one standard deck of 52 cards.

What's the best way to play Mississippi Stud poker?

When playing the opening hand, raise your bet once if you have a pair under 6, have a card valued jack or better, or two cards worth 6 or more. If you have a pair higher than 6, triple your bet.

After the first community card is turned, triple your bet for any pair valued over 6, for a straight sequence, raise once for a flush sequence, pair under 6, or two cards valued jack or above.

For the fourth community card, the rules are the same as the third, except triple your bet for a four-card flush.

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Pulsz Casino
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Online poker sites can be safe and secure places to play, but the opposite is also true. We dont only bring you the best sites, we inform you of those to avoid, too.


Chico was formally known as the Action Poker Network, and still operates as a US facing site. Chico Poker crossed paths with authorities after being unable to honor post-Black Friday cash outs. While these problems were resolved, poor regulation in worrying jurisdictions is enough reason to stay away from this poker room.

SealsWithClubs 3.60

A revolutionary site that once had an excellent reputation, the rebranded SwC Poker now has a place on our blacklist due to high profile issues. Bryan Micon, founder of SwC, was arrested and charged for operating an unlicensed gambling site, and the associated issues have not yet been sorted out with the Nevada Gambling Board. Until these issues are resolved, this will remain a poker site to steer clear of.