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General Info

Just a dreamer who refuses to wake. I chat on AIM and Skype chat often--there are often problems with people adding me, so PM me first if you want my handles.
Anywhere but real life
Silver Lining Prospector
Poker, writing, gaming, waxing philosophic or melodramatic
Favourite TV Shows:
None, anymore
Favourite Movies:
Any Dreamworks film < 5 years ago
Favourite Sports:
European Football (it's NOT called soccer, people.)
Favourite Sports Team:
Chicago Cubs--it'll be so epic when they finally win
Casino cash: $7380

Poker Info

Favourite Poker Site:
All I can!
Favourite Poker Variation:
Limits Played:
Mostly NL & PL preferred
Biggest Poker Win:
RL Royal Flush Get
Favourite Poker Pro:
Norman Chad XD
Best Poker Tip:
Don't screw around. Make the move you make because it's the good move to make, not because you "feel like it". (I have trouble following my own advice here)
Favourite Place to Play Live:
Wherever I actually can