About this Guide and CardsChat.com

CardsChat.com is a community for poker players from all over the world. All of the information offered on the site is free. The purpose of this guide is to act as an introduction to playing poker online, both for people new to the game altogether and for people who have played in the past but want to try out playing online.

There's more information available on this site than this guide, too: There is a selection of articles, a poker blog with many strategy related posts, reviews of online poker rooms, including sign-up bonuses and last but not least the forums where you can discuss anything related to poker, be it strategy questions, talking about a tournament you played or finding out about the CardsChat.com special tournaments.

The guide was written by Fredrik Paulsson (FPaulsson@CardsChat). If you have comments or questions about the contents, feel free to either post them in the poker forums or send a PM to Fredrik directly.