Unibet Online Series XIII

Hello everyone,

From September 12, 2021 to September 26, 2021 is the Unibet Online Series XIII, which consists of 105 tournaments with a total minimum total prize pool of €650,000.00.
The stakes of these tournaments range from 25c to 1,100€. By participating in these tournaments you can rise in the five leaderboard (Nano, Low, Mid, High, and Overall) where BP (Bonus Points) can be won.

I'm curious if there are any Cardschat members who will play in one of the planned tournaments.

I myself plan to play the following major tournaments, for which I have won tickets:
- 2021/09/23, 19:00, €4,000 E77 UOS Big Bang Bounty Mid, deposit €25, € 4,000 GTD (Holdem Bounty)
- 2021/09/26, 19:00, €200,000 E97 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-Days, stake €1,100, prize pool € 200,000 GTD (Holdem);
- 2021/09/26, 19:00, €50,000 E98 UOS Unibet Open Rebuy High 2-Days, deposit €100, prize pool € 50,000 GTD (Holdem).
In addition, I will definitely be playing a few low stakes tournaments, under €10.

Let me know if there are more Cardschat members who will participate in this great event.
If interested I will definitely share my results in this topic Unibet Online Series XIII
Wish you all the best!