Standard Calling % For 6 Max Turbo SNG Micros



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I am going to create a push fold chart for 6 man turbo sng.

I am going to go from 15BB to 5BB for all positions.

This will just be a template for me to use and I will adjust accordingly for different types of opponents, but in general it will be for when playing against average/bad players.

My question is:

What calling % would you say is about typical for an average player at say 15bb 10bb and 5bb? I am talking the micros here, so for 3.50 and under.

I just want to get a typical idea of calling % to start the chart because then I can easily figure out my push ranges.

I know charts arnt everything but while I am still relatively new to this format I feel it could help me to improve.



15bb I would say slim. marginal hands with 2+ others in, other waise raise/fold. 10bb or 5 bb, I'm almost always push/folding.


It's basically shove or fold, unless I have a big pocket pair and think a limp might induce a shove steal that I can then call.


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Thanks for the replys.

I just want to be pushing correctly almost all the time.

I was thinking the following as an example:

Against a standard/bad player then when trying to work out my shove range from button I would say the sb calling range would be roughly 55+, A10+, A5s+ KQ KJs.

And for the Big blind say, 22+, A8+, A2s+ KJ K10s.

So if I use the calling ranges in sng wizard or icmizer, then I can get a good idea for my pushing ranges.

I'm not saying these calling ranges are correct - What do you think?

I understand against better players, super nits and maniacs I would need to loosen up or tighten up my shove range.

This is for the micro levels