Review of Ryan Laplante's Learn Pro Poker

Evan Jarvis

Evan Jarvis

Feb 21, 2017
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Hey Guys!

I've been studying at Learn Pro Poker for just over 6 months now, and I decided to put together a review of the site (As well as a little preview of what you can find inside).

I'm really impressed with what Ryan's put together here, he's stayed true to his vision of making a training site that's well structure, efficient, and reasonably priced.

Since adding Michael Acevedo "The GTO Master" to his team, I think I can say that they've gone from having the 'best priced' content, to perhaps just 'the best content period' when it comes to learning tournament poker.

Have a look at the reviews if you're considering joining the site of just want to learn more about LearnProPoker. Feel free to share any feedback and comments with me!

I've also put together a special offer that will give you the best deal on your membership. Everything you need to know to cash in on it can be found in the video above. Let's get stackin!
P.S. Ryan has a dedicated thread for the site which you can find here -

P.P.S If you have any questions for me that are on a different topic, I'm still running my AMA thread and happy to respond there! :pcguru: