The most funny FT 2.2 buy in turbo MTT - 100BB all in move



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This weekend I had FT on a 2.2 buy in MTT, 1st place 238 bucks, 2nd 172 bucks.

I've reached the final table and I was 6th in chips. The chip leader had almost double in chips than the 2nd place. He went all in in the first hands with two players, winning both of them and became a big chip lead.

He started going all in with any two:))). I was the only one that doubled up with AQo. The rest he has eliminated J2s against 88, 23s against A4o this kind of hands, He eliminated everybody shoving any two:)))).

I was heads up with him, me having 25BB and him 200BB or something like this. I was able to reach 100BB being almost equal in chips. I got AKs I,ve raised he 3bet and I shoved (even if it was 100BB, I was sure that I had the best hand). He had 67o and he hit a 7 on the flop and the tournament is over.

Would you have shoved there, or waiting for another spot? He was very aggressive and spewing a lot of chips.
Jim Brown

Jim Brown

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gg ul. not much to say really. You got in about 60/40 to win. I would probably have done the same as described here.


Nothing wrong with that play, not many better spots than that and you got it in good