how best to play against the semi-bluff



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If you are inclined to believe that the opponent applies a semi-bluff, it is not worth raising. So you take a big risk to get the answer reraise. Play call, do not give oppa a chance nerasite you, and continue to analyze the texture of the Board. And important point to add to your Arsenal the reception of the semi-bluff, it will bring you a lot of money on the course. You see the advantage and want to raise? But it should be understood that this advantage is only until you make a raise. If you make a raise, you give the opponent the opportunity to play even more aggressively – for example, re-raise all-in. Unfortunately, against the semi-bluff will not work to fight aggression. And special protection against such there is no reception. You can do is to put the opponent draw, call his bet and if draw on the next street is not closed, to bet big first.
Rowdy Greg

Rowdy Greg

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I know that when I'm semi-bluffing, I like getting called (or even folded to), but don't particularly like getting raised. If I am raised, I may call, fold or push depending on my read of the player, their stack size, how close we are to the bubble (if a tournament) and how lucky I am feeling (I don't feel lucky that much, but every once in a while things seem to go my way more often than not).

Note - I define being lucky as having the odds (that are usually in my favor) actually hold. Most of the time I'm competing against that one unlucky card that inevitably falls on the river.


by poker manager and watch statistics of player analyze and you will know,,,,


The benefit of the semi bluff is that sometimes you get folds, so if you semi bluff then someone raises big, you're usually forced to fold, especially if Villain has committed over 1/3 of his/her chipstack.

You can't just go on a hunch that Villain is on a semi bluff though, board texture and preflop play means everything.


UTG opens for 3x
Hero calls on the BTN with 7h7c

Flop comes 3c10s9s and Villain c-bets.

In this spot all the spaded Broadway combos are in villain's range for a semi bluff, plus all the KQ QJ KJ combos, also AJ, AQ both have back door draws so there's a huge chance that Villain is semibluffing here and a nice raise is a good idea since less than half of villain's range is beating you.

But if the flop came KQJ... Then the semi bluff is almost certainly not happening and you are likely up against a made hand.

Long story short, I like to ask myself what hands can Villain be semi bluffing with? If there are more made hands than semi bluffing hands in their range, than that's what I go with.


It all depends on how often an opponent uses this technique , if he often uses it any 3 bet and he folds , if he rarely uses this technique it is better not to get involved in this game