Beating £10 Casino Rebuys - advice needed!

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Hi there.

I play poker quite a lot and tend to think I'm at least an OK player winning, and coming in the money, in many online multi tables!

I tend to be able to survive till late in all freezeouts (unless picking up those nasty bad beats). This is as I can play against the table and know once someone is out, they're out.

I went to a Casino to play in a rebuy tournament. The first one I've played in. I usually stick to freezeouts and once again, do well, but unfortunately I'm a student and the minimum freezeouts at most casino's are over £150!!!!!

So I thought I'd play this £10 pot limit unlimited rebuys for 90 mins! Big mistake! 2 levels in 90 mins, peopel going all in every hand and rebuying! It was just mental. I know its only £10 but some people were putting in over 10 rebuys!

Obviously these people are a dream in poker, as you sit tight, then get your cards and bang, the maniac going all in and rebuying has just doubled you up, but when you have more than 3 people at a table of 10 doing it, really doesn't help!

So i need advice on the best strategy. In freezeouts, if the tables tight-conservative/passive, play aggressive, but in a rebuy (though the example would still be the same), when you have a very aggressive and loose table, even when you get your cards and go all in, your up against 3 opponents taking your odds with the best hand pre flop to lower than 50%....

in a £10 rebuy with, lets say 80 people, 90 mins rebuy and topup's allowed (unlimited), how many re-buy's should I go prepared with, and what is the best way of playing? Getting many chips early and sitting back, or trying to grind till after the bubble? An hour and a half is a LONG time to grind, but the odds aren't in your favour in any pot pre flop!!!

Heeeelp :)



guess it depends where you play, i've been in a couple at brighton and it wasn't quite that mad

it really depends how many rebuys you are happy enough to pay and that should dictate how tight you are going to play

I tend to play the hands much the same as in a freezeout but will often push with marginal holdings to pick up pots, or maybe a huge one should i get called

if i have to rebuy then i have to rebuy, its the price you pay

I wouldn't go mad though else they will cost you loads


LOL my advice is to avoid rebuy tourneys, unless the rebuy is limited to one.

The concept people take on a cheap rebuy tourney is getting as many chips as possible early. Some places say you have to be all out before you can rebuy or you have to have less than 800 chips or so to rebuy (if that is the case watch for people betting just enough to get below that and then rebuying).

There is no "real" strategy involved in a tourney like that, most people are going on luck to have as many chips as possible before the rebuy time limit runs out (and it's usually the rich older people who dont care about the $10 bucks a pop)



I really comes down to how much you are prepared to spend. I play 50euro re-buys about 3 times a year, and go in fully prepared for one top-up and one re-buy. (150) Now that will also depend on what stage were at. Im not re-buying on the 5th level of blinds or topping up, if the top up is 20% or less of my stack.

Play your premium hands hard, you really have to be prepared to go all-in with a top 10 hand in one of these. Folding AK is really not an option. There is also players out there that deliberately floood their table with chip, with the intention of out playing everyone when the re-buy stage is over. Sad but true even at this level some donks think that they are pro's.
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