Bankroll? Fear in action? Indecision ...

Hello, friends .
I decided to write an article. Let's call it that
Not so long ago, about six months ago, I met Andrey on an offline series in my city. He played poker just like me. But lately he has a difficult time with money and I gave him money. Not at all large amounts of $ 200 ~ 300.
He played his limits and won a lot. Once he asked me a question about which I thought seriously and decided to tell it to you.
Playing " out of your money " Do you experience:
1: Fear
2: Bankroll pressures
3: Making a tough decision in the hand, whether it's all-in or pass to AA.
I do not know about you gentlemen, but most likely all factors speak only of one thing. - It just makes it difficult to think soberly.
But how to play when how many factors put pressure on you, on your morale. - It's hard to realize.
A longtime acquaintance once told me: Poker is an intellectual game, and the most persistent can keep the balance!
The main thing that I wanted to convey to you. - You need to play according to your bankroll, and most importantly, with your own money. No need to borrow and play! This is the road to nowhere!
I wish that everyone would find their own key to success and not give up half way !!! Good luck to all !!!

p.s. Thanks for reading, I know it was not easy. My English with a translator is something;
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