$7.50 Progressive. PF QQ. Villain aggro T high flop.



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Hi all. My first time on any forum. I am trying to seriously learn poker. I wont be a stranger.
If my post needs work please tell me. Thanks. :D

PreFlop My Pocket pair QQ 3Bet of 5X gets called by villain.

Villain aggro on: Ten 23> 2 diamonds flop. Me Pocket QQ OverPair> Full stacks 100BB
Should I go aggro back with my over pair..10 min blinds. the game just started.
Go for his stack?

No info on villain. He check raises me big on flop. I figure him for AT.
Should my response so check/raise be to fold/call/ go all in?
How do I make the most.........lose the least? I made a comment on boomplayer. TY :confused:



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I would say you should have 3bet his 2.2x with a 3x-5x of your own, so going 330-550 instead of 250 would have made it more expensive for him to call. He is in earlier position than you, so making it more expensive would give you more information on how strong his hand really is preflop. Once he sees the flop, it's all over in this situation cause he gets his set.


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I think your preflop play matches my style. I would mix in some straight calls with the QQ from such a late position in these smaller games. Either way, I like the size of the pot when it gets to flop.

I like the post flop bet, but once raised, I think I would find the cheapest way to the river, if possible. This would allow me to be bet off a third diamond or an over card, but that's the price I pay to enter tournaments where I can't get more chips if I get caught. The check raise indicates strength, so maybe it's AT or JJ. Also, maybe it's two diamonds.

Your reraise left them 5 to 1 odds-ish, which I think is the mistake you make in the hand. I say mistake because it left them no choice but to continue on with any relevant hand. All hands that beat you are priced in, and unless villain has exactly JJ and absolutely knew you had QQ, they are probably mathematically correct to at least call. I would have gone all-in if I were reraising here.

In retrospect, that Kd probably would have saved your stack. However most cards that would come might see you calling off a significant portion on the turn, and then again maybe on the river. It's survival though. It is literally all that matters.



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I think that deep I find out more on the flop.

Thanks guys. I am rethinking. I hear the pros saying all the time when they check that they can't get 3 streets of value so they check flop sometimes.

He check/raised flop=big warning... if I went for 2 streets of value by checking the flop my hand would be more disguised (in general...obviously this guy didnt care) .

the Kd on the turn would have slowed us both down perhaps and...so.... saved my stack.

A leak I have is too aggro. When I have nuts I lose customers and when I dont I lose $$.

QQ should not win another full stack...but in these games it sometimes does.

Yes the 3Bet I made on flop made no sense.

A chek raise with just AT doesnt make so much sense since a better hand would call and most worse hand would fold.

They say chek/raise indicates a lot of strength and it did..maybe it does 80% of the time?
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I almost think it's 95% of the time the check-raise = strength. It's just sometimes what the the player thinks is strength is not what I think is strength. That's what makes a T high flop difficult with an over pair. 95% of the time I think this an AT with one or two diamonds, a set, or two pair (or maybe a flush draw w no pair). 5% of the time it's just air.

Checking behind the checker is a strategy I often employ at lower limits. You'll still have position no matter what turn card comes.