Would you have called with these hands?



View thses two hands and tell me if you would have called and why.

I'm in middle position and the blinds are (10/20). I was dealt :7s4: :7d4: . First to act raises it to 200. The next to act raises it to 480. Now, it's my turn. I fold. Would you have called here? One player in late position calls and the first to act calls. The flop comes:
:9s4: :7s4: :4d4: . Checks all around. The turn:
:2c4: . Checks all around. The river:
:kd4: . First to act checks, the raiser pre-flop bets 100. Late position and first to act calls. The riaser won with a paor of Kings.


I was in middle position with the blinds (10/20). I was dealt :kd4: :10h4: . I call the big blind and the person in late position raises it 600. The small and big blind calls and everyone else folds (including me) Would you have called here? The flop:
:10d4: :ks4: :kc4: .
Late Position bets 400. Small and Big Blinds call. The turn:
:7h4: .
Late position and Small Blind checks. Big blind bets 600. Late position goes all in. Small and Big Blind folds. Late position reveals his hand. :kh4: :7s4: . It would have been a big post for me if I called.

Should I add that Hand #2 was right after Hand #1? Would you have called these hands?


Wow, so you raised 10 x BB UTG? You dont say how much the buy-in is or if its a turbo etc, these factors wouldnt make it look quite as bad but tbh if I see a guy raise this utg you can usually put him on a small PP.

Anyway, I would probably fold except you have already commited some chips to the pot and with all these callers you are getting very good pot odds to call the extra 280, into a (about 2000) pot (7/1 roughly). So in that sense its a worth the call

Second hand - Again that is a HUGE raise with these blinds! Was this a freeroll? Anyway, you made an easy lay down in this position. K10os looks nice but tbh unless you hit a minimum of 2 pair, some kind of straight draw or the miracle of trips, then you have to lay your hand down to any bet after committing 600 chips to a pot where you are almost certainly behind preflop

How did you get on in the end?
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Both are easy folds. Once again, you're being results-oriented in thinking that you shouldn't have folded - if the flop in hand 1 had come AKQ for example, you wouldn't even be posting this.

Also, stop limping from MP with KT when the blinds are small. :p


I think theses are very easy laydowns. These flops are the miracle flops that keep people playing crap cards out of position. These flops are why people say "I never lose with K10" and "I will take pocket 7s over A's all day, I hit the set every time with 7s". We laugh at them here when you see the thread of what is your favorite starting hand. Remind me not to play the games you are in if the normal bet is 10xBB and will get reraised.

#1. What if you had called and the guy who reraised showed KK and stomped you on the river. I could easily see KK calling with a monster overpair to any bet you could have put out there. It would have been justice, he had you dominated preflop.

#2 Same thing. You would have hit your miracle flop and there was nothing out there to beat it. What would you have done if you hit just top pair and someone went all-in. You would have to think you were in serious kicker trouble and you just wasted 10BB.
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