would you have called if u were in my shoes?



Jul 27, 2005
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The guy bitched me out for callin..
i still dont see a valid arguement from his side... other than my preflop call... calling 2100 more from the BB with 6 9 suited
but it was getting close to bubble time, and a couple of us (including him) had started to get a tad more aggressive.
whats everyones input?

Hand Number: 242,668,316
Table Number: 3,173,379
Event Name: wsop WARM UP ROUND 1 (#2189810)MNHF
Event Started: Wednesday November 9th 11:50:12 PM CST 2005
Event Type: PokerPages Tournament
Event Buy-In: Round 1 WSOP Warm-Up Qualification
Game: No Limit Hold 'em
Level XI: 100 Ante 400/800 Blinds (100 Minimum Chip)
Average Stack: 42,500 (10,000 starting chips)
Remaining Players: 196 (833 started)
Seat 1 : 3UGN3N3 starts with 4,900
Seat 2 : Starrhawk88 starts with 90,700
Seat 3 : CariCo26 starts with 32,600
Seat 4 : the_wo0t starts with 15,100
Seat 5 : Scarface1812 starts with 5,600
Seat 6 : Googlez starts with 34,100
Seat 7 : Peanut1002us starts with 6,200
Seat 8 : naughtibeatz starts with 11,700
Seat 9 : Split22 starts with 44,800
Seat 10 : pgordon5446 starts with 4,500
Seat 4 : the_wo0t has the dealer button
Googlez dealt down 6d 9d
3UGN3N3 posts the ante 100
Starrhawk88 posts the ante 100
CariCo26 posts the ante 100
the_wo0t posts the ante 100
Scarface1812 posts the ante 100
Googlez posts the ante 100
Peanut1002us posts the ante 100
naughtibeatz posts the ante 100
Split22 posts the ante 100
pgordon5446 posts the ante 100
Scarface1812 posts the small blind 400
Googlez posts the big blind 800
Peanut1002us folds
naughtibeatz folds
Split22 folds
pgordon5446 folds
3UGN3N3 folds
Starrhawk88 folds
CariCo26 calls 800
the_wo0t raises 2,100 to 2,900
Scarface1812 folds
Googlez calls 2,100
CariCo26 calls 2,100
>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 6c Ts Ah ]
Googlez checks
CariCo26 checks
the_wo0t bets 800
Googlez calls 800
CariCo26 folds
>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 8s ]
Googlez checks
the_wo0t bets 11,300 and is all-in
Googlez calls 11,300
the_wo0t cards were Qh Ac
Googlez cards were 6d 9d
>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 7s ]
Googlez wins 34,300 with a ten high straight
the_wo0t has left the table
the_wo0t finishes in 196th place
CariCo26: ouch
(Observer) the_wo0t: jebus
CariCo26: gg
(Observer) the_wo0t: i hate that
Hand Ended: Thursday November 10th 1:25:26 AM CST 2005
Total Pot: 34,300
Board: [ 6c Ts Ah 8s 7s ]
Seat 1 : 3UGN3N3 lost 100, folded pre-flop
Seat 2 : Starrhawk88 lost 100, folded pre-flop
Seat 3 : CariCo26 lost 3,000, folded on the flop
Seat 4 : the_wo0t (button) lost 15,100, showed hand [ Qh Ac ]
Seat 5 : Scarface1812 (small blind) lost 500, folded pre-flop
Seat 6 : Googlez (big blind) bet 15,100, won 34,300, net +19,200, showed hand [ 6d 9d ]
Seat 7 : Peanut1002us lost 100, folded pre-flop
Seat 8 : naughtibeatz lost 100, folded pre-flop
Seat 9 : Split22 lost 100, folded pre-flop
Seat 10 : pgordon5446 lost 100, folded pre-flop

why did i call? figured i had 8 outs... 2 6s... 3 9s... and 3 7s....


May 16, 2005
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You just got extremly lucky, you just happened to catch a piece of the action on the flop, and i'd say you were still way behind at this stage. How did you finish in the end, id say the table was watching you after that play.
Having said that, his play was a bit suspect as well, small bet on the flop screamed weakness, he probably should have pushed there and then.


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May 25, 2005
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Googlez said:
why did i call? figured i had 8 outs... 2 6s... 3 9s... and 3 7s....

Well there you go then - 8 outs out of 46 remaining cards is a little short of 6/1 odds. You were getting roughly 2/1 odds (had to put $11,300 into $23,500), so you should have folded (though as the others said, you shouldn't have been in hand in first place).

You caught one - this is one of the "good beats" that players tend to forget about when bemoaning their bad beats!

Did you win in the end?


Aug 30, 2005
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LOL. Would not have liked to be the other guy. Do that in the long term, and you will be the loser.
But fair play you won, with Mr.lucky.....


Mar 8, 2005
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Can't really figure why you would have been in pre-flop with that many players at the table. the_wo0t should have definitely pushed more in after catching the Aces, maybe he was laying a trap that ended up ensnaring himself. In either case you couldn't have thought you were in strong enough position with low pair. So, I agree, it was a good-beat for you and one you won't win too often.