why did i get clever with 5 jack?



Aug 14, 2007
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150k grtd on mansion this happens:

Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players: 8
Seat 1: robinson37(27,804.00)
Seat 2: fatcrackho(9,034.00)
Seat 3: Xnu(14,933.00)
Seat 4: viggosen(22,100.00)
Seat 5: autocheck(18,995.00)
Seat 6: aelred(31,642.00)
Seat 7: -Snoopy-(13,992.00)
Seat 8: Zebediah(7,344.00)
Seat 9:

Current Number of Players: 8
Zebediah start position: 7,344.00
-Snoopy- start position: 13,992.00
aelred start position: 31,642.00
autocheck start position: 18,995.00
viggosen start position: 22,100.00
Xnu start position: 14,933.00
fatcrackho start position: 9,034.00
robinson37 start position: 27,804.00
robinson37 posts ante (60)
fatcrackho posts ante (60)
Xnu posts ante (60)
viggosen posts ante (60)
autocheck posts ante (60)
aelred posts ante (60)
-Snoopy- posts ante (60)
Zebediah posts ante (60)
fatcrackho posts small blind (600)
Xnu posts big blind (1200)
robinson37 is dealt down [5h Jd]
viggosen folds
autocheck folds
aelred raises to (3200)
-Snoopy- folds
Zebediah folds
robinson37 raises to (8200)
fatcrackho folds
Xnu folds
aelred calls (8200)
flop: [5s 2d 4s]
aelred checks
robinson37 bets (19544) and is all-in
aelred says: "shizzle"
aelred says: "i was gonna cr all in"
aelred calls (19544)
aelred is refunded (0)
robinson37 shows [5h Jd]
aelred shows [4c 6s]
turn: [Th]
river: [4h]
aelred says: "SHIP"
aelred shows [4c 6s] for three of a kind, fours
aelred says: "hooha"
viggosen says: "wow"
robinson37 mucks
robinson37 says: "wtf man#"
Xnu says: "rofl"
aelred wins (57768)
robinson37 end position: 0.00
fatcrackho end position: 8,374.00
Xnu end position: 13,673.00
viggosen end position: 22,040.00
autocheck end position: 18,935.00
aelred end position: 61,606.00
-Snoopy- end position: 13,932.00
Zebediah end position: 7,284.00
Hand end time: 2007-09-09 23:05:48

that pot would have put me second in chips with 150 left, whats he doing calling a reraise with 46 out of position. And before u say what are u doing playing 5 jack, he were raising one out of every 3 hands 9 seated
i had position on him thought i could shrug him off the pot evidently not
46 off what is this world coming to. came 151st, 135 payed, not that that bothers me cos i play for final table.


Apr 26, 2007
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He was probably planning on taking it away from you with a c/r on flop (to get you off a smaller overpair/AK/any non-monster). Were you playing relatively tight? Perhaps you were getting pushed around a bit and he thought he could do the same?
Who knows really.


Mar 16, 2007
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I agree that his call (flop) was probably based on some perception he had of you. It always helps to try to think of what table image others may have of you.

And on the flop, I don't know how he could call that shove unless he had a specific read on you there (or he is simply a donkey). That is a horrible call with middle pair and a gutshot.


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Sep 2, 2007
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I basically agree with the other posts. He probably assumed you were holding 2 high cards after your pre flop raise. He called because he figured he could out draw you. Now as far as that flop was concerned, I don't see how he could have called the all-in unless he thought you were trying to steal the pot off him with 2 high cards , and, that his middle pair/gutshot was good. ( I also like the donkey theory from the above post)

He basically made a CRAP call and got lucky....happens to the best of us.
good luck next time


Dec 13, 2006
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Ok he got lucky, but why the hell did you get yourself in trouble like that.....

I think LAGs make the most money when people who dont play their style get pissed at them and impatient and play back at the wrong time.

If hes being too aggressive wait for a good spot to nail him, not jack 5!

What were you hoping for.

I mean you flopped top pair, but were you planning on shoving any flop with jack 5?

If you didnt hit were you gonna check fold?