What If? Episode 6



Hey Everyone and welcome to another action packed episode of What If? Ok. The NL Hold em table is as follows:

(Blinds 100/200)

Seat 1 - A $4,000 (Dealer)
Seat 2 - B $12,000 (SB)
Seat 3 - C $8,000 (BB)
Seat 4 - YOU $10,000
Seat 5 - D $2,500
Seat 6 - E $2,000
Seat 7 - F $5,000
Seat 8- G $6,000
Seat 9- H $17,000
Seat 10- I $15,000

YOU are dealt :ks4: :kd4: . You raise to $1,000 total. D, E, F and G folds. H and I calls. A folds. B reraises to $2,000 total. YOU reraise to $5,000 total. C and H folds. I and B calls.

So now the pot is $15,200. Big Pot Pre-flop! You're now the short-stack in this pot. The situation now is:

Seat 2-B-$7,000 left
Seat 4-YOU-$5,000 left
Seat 10-I-$10,000 left

The Flop:

:ah4: :qh4: :10h4: .

B goes all in. What do you do and why?
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

t1riel said:
YOU are dealt :ks4: :kd4: . You raise to $1,000 total. D, E, F and G folds. H and I calls. A folds. B reraises to $2,000 total. YOU push.

Fixed. You push exactly because you don't want to have half your stack commited and have to worry about the sort of situation that arises on the flop. If everyone else folds, fine, you take down a big pot. If you get callers, the vast majority of the time you will have got your money in with the best hand.

Given that I was silly and didn't push there, I think this is a pretty standard fold. Far too many hands are beating us, and there's a possibility we're drawing dead to some sort of wacky runner runner boat or a few outs for a split pot. If we fold we still have a manageable stack and some room for maneuver.

I suspect Player B has AK with the Kh a lot of the time here, btw. If we had the Kh then we could call B's push on the flop.


Instead of re-raising to 5000 preflop (half your stack) after his raise, you are better off going all-in. Why commit half of your stack preflop and then fold to an unfavorable flop?

Push after the re-raise preflop and let the cards play out...


Teacher! Dorkus and chicubs stole my answer!!!! What they said is what I would have done. But, seeing as how that's not the actual scenario. I suppose I'd have to fold post-flop.