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This Mike1329 guy has been riding me over this hand for awhile now since I beat him. Wouldn't you have made the same call? Or was I a Donkey like he says? Even though I think he is a bigger Donkey.

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Started at 08/Jul/06 02:06:10

mike1329 is at seat 0 with 7215.
wolfy55 is at seat 1 with 1335.
stone ponies is at seat 2 with 1310.
Kitty00 is at seat 3 with 9710.
maiky72 is at seat 4 with 190.
DravenX23 is at seat 5 with 5685.
bigslickak is at seat 6 with 1350.
Tirza2003 is at seat 7 with 8850.
bigstore58 is at seat 8 with 4160.
sharpgolfer is at seat 9 with 1250.
The button is at seat 4.

DravenX23 posts the small blind of 30.
bigslickak posts the big blind of 60.
mike1329: -- --
wolfy55: -- --
stone ponies: -- --
Kitty00: -- --
maiky72: -- --
DravenX23: Qs As
bigslickak: -- --
Tirza2003: -- --
bigstore58: -- --
sharpgolfer: -- --

Tirza2003 folds. bigstore58 folds. sharpgolfer
folds. mike1329 raises to 210. wolfy55 folds.
stone ponies folds. Kitty00 folds. maiky72 folds.
DravenX23 re-raises to 690. bigslickak folds.
mike1329 calls.
Flop (board: 9c Ks 8s):

DravenX23 checks. mike1329 goes all-in for 6525.
DravenX23 goes all-in for 4995. mike1329 is returned
1530 (uncalled).
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

mike1329 shows 6s Kc.
DravenX23 shows Qs As.

Turn (board: 9c Ks 8s 7h):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 9c Ks 8s 7h 5s):

(no action in this round)


mike1329 has 6s 9c 8s 7h 5s: straight, nine high.
DravenX23 has Qs As Ks 8s 5s: flush, ace high.

Hand #33263246-48 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
DravenX23 wins 11430 with flush, ace high.


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First off, raising PF that much with K6 offsuit is pure FISH. Thats a throw away hand.

Secondly, going all in with top pair and a 6 kicker is a PURE FISH move.

This guy is an idiot.

As to you calling the all in on a draw... depends on how much I paid to enter and if I want to keep playing or take a shot at a big pot. If it's early in a freeroll ( which based on the stack sizes and blind sizes, I'd guess thats what this was ) I'd call with no hesitation.

That hand wasn't poker, it was Plinko. Drop your chip and hope it lands in the $5000 slot.


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wsop Entry thing at UB so yeah it was a Freeroll but I had enough outs even with him having a king.

43% from the odds calculator I have


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It's only 43% because you know after the fact what he had.

If he was holding KK and hit a set of Kings, you were only %25 to win the hand.

If he had AK, you were only %37 to win the hand.

At any rate I'd still make the call, it's a freeroll after all.


I'm confused
Anyone that raises and calls a reraise with king 6 does not have the right to call someone else a donkey, lol.


its a pot bet on a 2:1 call on a 60% to win to the river.. however not knowing what your opponent had even if it was say a high pocket pair.. not re-raising pre-flop... you didn't know where you stood... just think if you were against aa's-77's and a set was a broad..


Even though he was a donk for calling a big raise with K, 6 offuit, you're lucky that spade came up or you would have lost.