Pokerstars: Sunday Hundred Grand



Apr 18, 2007
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Well, I decided to give the $100,000 guaranteed a go on pokerstars yesterday. The prize pool was $225,000 with 22,500 entries so it was a big big tournament.

The starting chips were $3,000.

I got off to a ropey start, my A9s running into pocket sevens, and that was me down to $1700.

I got back in the groove a bit later however, when my all in shove with T9s was met with a call from a middle position and the guy flipped over QQ.

The flop came down as follows:


The turn card was an 8

The river dropped a Jack (It was the Jack that would eventually oust me too).

I played the rest of the tournament fairly tight aggressive, ran into a brick wall with my QQ as the caller of my $32,000 raise was holding KK and no luck out.

With 370 left of the 22,500 I had around $170,000 chips. The blinds were at 6000/12000 with 1000 antes. I'd just lost a massive pot with 33. I sensed the other guy was weak, so I put him all in on a flop of J-8-J. Oh he was weak alright, but slightly stronger than me. He found the balls to call all in with pocket 4's!!! And I was down to $95,000 at this stage.

I got deal AQ in middle position. There was a raise of $25,000 before me, so I shoved all in. The initial raiser had AK.

Flop came down 3-T-Q

River was the Jack. And I was out in in 362nd for $90.

Still, an enjoyable run of which I will more than likely take up again.



Mar 16, 2008
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Yeah this is a GREAT tourney only played it twice but cashed both times.
The idea of possibly getting 20k for a $11 buy in is just MAD lol.
I love the way people just drop out in the thousands also lol.


I'm confused
Jun 30, 2006
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This is in the HH section. Do you want a hand anylisis or is this a brag?

Anyway, congrats.


Rising Star
Feb 5, 2007
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Congrats from me as well - I managed to survive an hour and then a mad sitout came came just to pushe them every hand. I was kinda short , so I liked my AQs very much and got into a 3 way pot - crazy's got A7 and the other guy K7.
Great news, till the turn, giving them both a 7 !

Anyway - the tourney is great and getting a shot at those 20k just for $2,20 is amazing !
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