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I am in a 1+.10 MTT last night. 10 hands in I get KK and blinds are 15/30. Player in seat 2 raises to 60. The two between them and myself each call and I raise to 600 (50% of my stack). Maybe a little high but was the right move here. Person in seat 7 goes all in for approx 900, seat 9 calls, seat 10 re-raises all-in for 1180. Seat 1 actually calls the 1180 and so do I cuz well, almost have to. Seat calls the 1180 and finally the flop comes. Flop is 237 all different suits.

The player in seat 9 re-raises the rest of their chips and seat 1 folds.

4 way showdown goes as follows

Seat 7 A7
Seat 9 A2
Seat 10 AK
My hand KK

Sure enough my hand gets beat by a 2 on the turn. I don't know about some of you, but I am getting really sick of people calling with absolute garbage when any half decent poker player would know there hand is very most likely dominated. I know bad beats happen, but to be quite honest I just can't understand the logic, or lack there of with some people.

It's as if they watch poker on TV and see Gus Hansen and his questionable plays/calls/bets whatever you wanna call them. At least Gus uses some math and logic when he makes some of the calls he does.

I know the two in seat 9 and 1 likely called because of pot odds, but my question is where does pot odds draw the line? I dunno, I guess I just don't see how people can go all-in with A7-A2 when it should be obvious they are way behind.

(Footnote: I know at least some of you will say I am whining and perhaps should just save the bad beat stories since everyone has them. To be honest I don't mind being beaten with a respectable hand. A2 vs KK in this case simply does not qualify as respectable)
Dr of Golf

Dr of Golf

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Well, from my experience, there are way too many folks out there that think whenever they have an Ace in their hole cards that they should go all-in, or keep on betting. Somehow, even if the board is showing a flush or a straight, and they have that lone little Ace, they think it will be a "magic" card for them.

I see so much of that crap, but what can you do? When there is little money at stake, or in freerolls, those kind of folks don't care and just hope for the best. In the long run, they'll never make the final table. :)

Keep playing YOUR game and just learn to shrug off the idiots. :)


Thing about online tourneys is you have to wait out the idiots to start. Most of the online tourneys are free so people are willing to play anything early on to see what happens. You just had a bad beat with the KK, wich is going to happen.

Just remember when playing in tourneys you should only be playing around 20% or less of your hands, and trust me this works. Being selective and patient will pay off in the long run. You win pots by intimidation and having the nuts this way.

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I will admit that my post basically was to vent. As it is I know I play generally 25-30 % of the time. I know I still have some holes in my game, but I am working on them. I played in 3 TEC freerolls at UB last week (each with 2500 in them) and really should have made the top 50 the first two times when I had about 40k each time (ended up going out 59th and 101st respectively). But Friday I finally did it with 63k and was rather close to actually winning a TEC chip today.

Curse the A/x players ;) A pox on them ;)


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It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that an Ace and a low card is an all in hand. When I started playing for money I actually thought that the players would get better. I was wrong. I've done what the person above has mentioned...I try to be selective. However, with a KK, I'd be happy to put all my chips in the pot. I figure even with 4 people calling, the odds are in my favor. You just ran into an idiot who got lucky.