ok to shove?



Dec 17, 2006
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Starting game 1040053924.

@titou.fr@ is at seat 1 with 6,260.
Jack_Boregar is at seat 6 with 615.
amputee_smile is at seat 7 with 3,125.

The dealer is seat 7.

@titou.fr@ posts a blind of 50.
Jack_Boregar posts a blind of 100.

(amputee_smile is dealt 4d Kd.)

amputee_smil raises 200.
@titou.fr@ calls for 250.
Jack_Boregar goes all-in for 515.
amputee_smile goes all-in for 2,825.
@titou.fr@ folds.
2,510 is pushed back to amputee_smil.


Jack_Boregar shows 4c Qc.

amputee_smile shows 4d Kd.

The flop comes
7h Ks 3s.
The turn comes Jh.
The river comes 3h.

Two Pair, Kings and Threes - Ks Kd 3s 3h Jh

A pair of Threes - 3s 3h Ks Qc Jh

amputee_smile wins pot (1,530).

titou sees a lot of flops, figured jack would have anything? risky donkey play or ok to isolate?


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Dec 11, 2006
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no shove...

why shove here?
you're risking your entire stack just to isolate a severe short-stack. Why not just call (and let Titou call if he wants to), and be willing to check down to the river. With 3 people, the goal has to be eliminating the 3rd guy, rather than winning his measly chips. Even if you're playing to win, you have a much better chance heads up, so its a win-win to just call and go 2 against 1 to eliminate the short stack.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Jul 12, 2005
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Payout structure?

I'd just raise to 615 straight off the bat here in most cases, but depending on the payout structure your shove could be anything from a little iffy to really horrible. ;)


Jan 26, 2007
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Yeah I gotta say that your raise here is really really weak pre flop. Doing a double raise is just asking for an all in from the short stack. If thats what you want just bet his all in anyway, and that raise will be enough to isolate the short stack and keep the other guy from even attempting to get in the hand. This way you isolate the short stack without risking your entire stack to do so. With that said I also dont think that K4 suited is anywhere near a good enough hand to really come in betting. Save that sort of fancy play for heads up. Right now your biggest priority should be protecting 2nd place and eliminating 3rd. K4 is a coin flip situation against any hand 56 and better. Youre risking to lose 1/3 your stack to the short stack and doubling them up where they can become a threat to you and your 2nd place. IMO terrible hand selection, weak raise with no real strategical advantages, followed by an extremely risky bet threatening your tournament life. If the chip leader decided to call and had AA, KK, QQ, AK, KQ, KJ, A3 then youve just stepped in some major dog do. If youre really really set on playing your K4 better to limp and play it as cheap as you can.