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Aug 6, 2016
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PokerStars Hand no. 220572148277: Tournament # 3048795878, $ 9.80 + $ 1.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level X (250/500) - 19/11/2020 22:40:01 EET [19/11/2020 15:40:01 ET]
Mass' 3048795878 859 '9-max Place # 2 is the button
Place 1: banzai388 (10000 in chips)
Place 2: vlkvlkvlkvlk (13753 in chips)
Place 3: viki676 (7195 in chips)
Place 4: mikekvds (9840 in chips)
Place 5: pmmp331 (20252 in chips)
6th place: robertboz (23650 in chips)
7th place: FolishFish (5350 in chips)
8th place: TibyDragan (29583 in chips)
9th place: RicBee69 (31830 in chips)
banzai388: put the ante 60
vlkvl : put the ante 60
viki676: put the ante 60
mikekvds: put the ante 60
pmmp331: put the ante 60
robertboz: put the ante 60
FolishFish: put the ante 60
TibyDragan: put the ante 60
RicBee69: put the ante 60
viki676: put the small blind 250
mikekvds: put big blind 500
Books given to robertboz [Ad Ac]
pmmp331: give fold
robertboz: give raise 750 to 1250
FolishFish: give fold
TibyDragan: give fold
RicBee69: give call 1250
banzai388: give fold
vlkvlkvlkvlk: fold
viki676: fold
mikekvds: call 750
*** FLOP *** [9h 7s Kh]
mikekvds: bet 3405
robertboz: raise 18935 to 22340 and it's all-in
RicBee69: fold fold
mikekvds: call 5125 and is all-in
Bet no call (13810) returned to robertboz
*** TURN *** [9h 7s Kh] [8h]
*** RIVER *** [9h 7s Kh 8h ] [Tc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
mikekvds: show [Ks Th] (two pairs, Popi and
Decari ) robertboz: show [Ad Ac] (a pair of Aces)
mikekvds collected 21,600 of the pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Pot total 21600 | Rake 0
Table [9h 7s Kh 8h Tc]
1st place: banzai388 folded before the flop (did not bet)
2nd place: vlkvlkvlkvlk (button) folded before the flop (did not bet)
3rd place: viki676 ( small blind) folded before the flop
4th place: mikekvds (big blind) showed [Ks Th] and won (21600) with two pairs, Popi and
Decari 5th place: pmmp331 folded before the flop (did not bet)
6th place: robertboz showed [ Ad Ac] and lost by a pair of Aces
7th place: FolishFish folded before the flop (did not bet)
8th place: TibyDragan folded before the flop (did not bet)
9th place: RicBee69 folded on the Flop



Jun 3, 2019
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Its really difficult to read that hand history, so why not use the free hand history converter on CC next time? Anyways here is, what I disected from the sea of irrelevant information:

* Hero is UTG+1 with AdAc and 47BB stack, and Hero open to 2,5BB

* Villain 1 call in position and has Hero covered

* Villain 2 call from big blind and has 20BB stack

* Flop comes Kh9h7s

* Villain 2 donk lead for 7BB into a pot of 8,6BB

* Hero now move all in

* Villain 1 fold and Villain 2 call

Here is my take on the hand:

Standard open, and I like the 2,5BB size. Two players call, great lets take a flop.

I am never folding AA to Villain 2, when he only starts the hand with 20BB, but I think, you are almost forcing V1 to play well, when you jam all in, before the action has even gotten to him. Is he really giving you action with anything other than the hands, that beat you? I dont think so, at least not if he is competent.

So I prefer to just call here to induce more action from V1. And also to leave myself a chance to get away on a bad runout, or get to showdown without risking my entire stack. You start the hand with 47BB, and this is a bit deep to mindlessly stack off an overpair in a single raised pot, at least in a tournament.

So Villain 1 had top pair, and he improved to two pair on the river to crack your aces. That obviously sucks, but its also a completely normal part of poker, and against him it was just a setup or cooler. He cant get away from his top pair either, and it sucks for him, that he ran it into aces. Maybe his donk bet is not the best strategy, but even a good player goes broke in his spot, unless he hit that miracle card on the river.

The more important point to take away is, how you played the hand against V2, and I think, it was far from optimal. It seem like, you were panicking about the draws on the board and just wanted V2 to fold, so you did not get outdrawn. But the goal in poker is not to win hands, its to win money. And the way, you played your hand, you almost turned it into a value bluff, which is pretty bad.


Jul 2, 2013
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Hello, I think that we can play like hero here with pocket AA. On the flop are some draws to flush. I think that we can raise our opponent on the flop or play raise allin. I think that we should here protect our hand, because if I good see one player is in position behind hero. Opponent has about 10k chips in stack, he plays donk bet for about 1/3 of his stack and he bets for more than 50% of the pot, so he is a little committed with a pot and he often should call our raise allin. So I think that hero played even good this hand. GL :)


Nov 24, 2015
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This is quite usuaal situation in poker and you got unlucky but still you were ahead with your aces and your opponent got second pair.So no time to stop,just go for another tourney and crush there!