Live bar freeroll, slightly interesting hand, or not



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Apr 16, 2008
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Ok, gotta set this up from memory, but I think I can provide enough details. Local bar tourney, freeroll. Started with 3 tables, plus, so there are 25 players, 8 per tbl, plus 2 others, so 9-9-8 at each table, get down to 7-7-6 and about to break the tbls, when this hand occurs:

Starting stack 2500, blinds start at 25/50, go up every 20 minutes, so drinking does occur(off topic)

Blinds 200/400
I'm button, so I'm dealing, and the big stack 12-15k?, and whether we have 6 or 7 players, won't really matter. So I deal the hole cards.
UTG folds
MP with just 700 chips limps, wtf?, but who cares
CO raises to 800, has maybe 2-3k behind.
This is a wonky raise, but just trust my read, that player has a big pp. It's what they do..
Ok, to me on the button, and squeeze 97d, which is good enuff for a call, knowing, MP is allin, in my mind.
SB calls
BB folds?
MP calls allin -100
Ok, looks like 7 at the bl, just from memory.

So we have 2100 main pot for MP, and a 300 sidepot for CO, button, SB to fight over, so let's see a flop, ignore suits, they won't matter:

[K 7 7]
Humm, SB checks, CO checks, I check. No reason to get frisky here.

Turn [9]
Humm, me filled up, SB checks, CO checks, I check. No reason to get frisky here.

River [3]
Total blank, no fl possible

This is where things got 'interesting' for lack of a better word, and I got, oh no 'frisky'.
SB checks, CO checks, I bet 300 into sidepot, frisky like, or tricky. Check for free, with the 'allin' etiquette, but NO, I have dominant hand. Check, all show, and cheap showdown, but NO, I have unbeatable hand, right?

No, I did look at the board, and realize, what hand can have me beat here, that would'nt have already bet into the trivial 300 sidepot?

pp7, not possible
pp9, well that's a pisser
pp3, have them beat

Did I miss something? Oh yeah,

SB folds/mucks
CO, friggin reraises me 1k, with only 1.2k behind, on a 300 bet into a tiny sidepot, checked down to here?

huh-what?, I pay them off, by putting them allin, which they call.

Showing [KK]

oops, played that bad. Did I mention the read I had on this player, with the min raise???


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Sep 26, 2007
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I have to say bar poker can be really fun and difficult to play due to the the players not making much sense with their moves, but fun all the same. To be completely honest I think your biggest mistake was not folding pre-flop. The dealer button shouldn't make you call with almost any hand. The guy that had KK could easily had A7 which I would have been more scared than anything.

I do have to say that the guy did suck some more chips out of you, but bar poker and small buy-in tournaments online jokers don't understand the strength in checking down when someone is all in with more than 1 caller. It's better to see that person out then try and bluff or knock someone else off the pot unless you have the nuts. The guy with KK really didn't do anything wrong to be honest cause the only hand that beat his was 77 and that is unlikely that anyone had it.


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Jan 21, 2008
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Apart from the bad preflop raise the guy with KK played this hand well. Apart from 77 he flopped the nuts and gave you enough time to catch up and pay him off.

For what it's worth though I'd have folded here. If it was you vs the small stack then yes, you can call to try and get rid of him. But in this instance someone else has raised putting the small stack all in. Your hand isn't that great, so hope the other guy has something.


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Apr 16, 2008
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good feedback, but, I'm not folding a min raise, with button with my stack here, and that may be stupid on my part, but, I'm getting a cheap flop, and a chance to get 1 maybe 2 players out.

Sure, have to worry about the blinds, but I know their game well, and my hand mucks, iffin they come over the top. But that doesn't happen, and I get involved with a 4 way pot, with an allin, with hopefully a tricky, lucky trapping hand.

I already know what I'm up against with the preflop raiser, and am hoping to get lucky. Which I do, and more...

So hack me for the lousy preflop call, but I'm actually playing my stack and position, to manage a smallish pot, with potential for a monster killer, which I thought I got, but, was wrong.

Anyway, feedback all you want, the reason I posted, was, as last to act, on a checked down allin hand, with a tiny sidepot, I can check, and we have showdown. But NO, I get tricky and bet the size of the sidepot, and fireworks happen, and the CO doubles thru me.

In hindsight, the free check, was the proper play here, and see I lose. Seems prudent, as I got my monster killing hand, and the monster ate me.

I play bad, lol.
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