Did I play this hand that bad???



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Jul 30, 2007
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I was on a MTT. 80 players 5,000 starting chips. 4th blinds level (100-200) I have around 16,000 chips, 2nd in the table chip leader has around 20,000. I am on the big blind with Ah 2h UTG folds, +1 All in (his entire stack was 275, making it 75 to go for me). Everybody folds then Chip leader on the button raises making it 200 to go for me (1 extra bb). I cold call.
Flop comes out T 7 A. it was a raimbow flop, I bet 500, button calls (we were only 3 at this point, the UTG+1 was already all in, the button and me). Turn hits and it was an A, again I bet 500 button calls. And the river was a T. So this is how it looked like:

:10s4: :7h4: :ad4: :ac4: :10d4:

I had :

:2h4: :ah4: .

So even if my opponent was calling with A - 10 it was a split pot, so I bet all in to see if i make him fold. He calls and he had:

:10h4: :10c4: .

UTG+1 had K 9os.

As you can see i was kicked out on a very painful way. My question is did I play this hand that bad? How would you had play it?


Mar 22, 2007
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i think you should never bet your whole stack on 1 hand unless of course u have 4 o kind, sorry 4 ur loss :(


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Aug 2, 2007
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It's tough that you ran into quads...it's rare that you can be overly concerned with going up against them.

However, when he called your flop bet, I would have been very afraid. He most likely has an A and he of course has you outkicked. I would have shutdown all together and see if he could have taken out the all-in player.

On that note, betting into a dry pot with a 2 kicker--when the UTG player could very easily have an A becuase he pushed already--may not have been the right move in that spot.

Just my opinion. :)


Sep 19, 2007
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When you hit a set on Turn you should be afraid of 777AA, TTTAA, and AAA high kicker. I would have bet a lot (like the pot) on Turn to test water. If my opponent calls I know I am beat.

But even so, the destiny river card would have given you too much confidence. I doubt there is any escape route to it. :)


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Jul 29, 2007
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Maybe I should have all in after the turn.
In that case I had even lost and go out of the tournament.
The rest is bad luck.

When you had not going all in TT had did it, and you, of course had checked it, like I should have done.

So, bad luck, a part of the poker game.
Good, and more luck in other tournaments.
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