Did I do the right thing?



This is a TEC freeroll on UB...top 50 get a seat. 134 people remaining. The average chipstack is around 17,000

Hand #36217269-148 at Wed915amTEC-005 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 25/Oct/06 11:23:40

Strud8 is at seat 0 with 8125.
JimboJim711 is at seat 1 with 13990.
sonny63 is at seat 2 with 7875.
serg40 is at seat 3 with 35225.
goombah49 is at seat 4 with 15535.
R0YAL is at seat 5 with 10610.
OklaBandit is at seat 6 with 5255.
RON THE SHARK is at seat 7 with 8885.
pmoskal is at seat 8 with 19305.
kinatsu is at seat 9 with 11985.
The button is at seat 0.

Strud8 posts ante (25).
JimboJim711 posts ante (25).
sonny63 posts ante (25).
serg40 posts ante (25).
goombah49 posts ante (25).
R0YAL posts ante (25).
OklaBandit posts ante (25).
RON THE SHARK posts ante (25).
pmoskal posts ante (25).
kinatsu posts ante (25).
sonny63 posts the small blind of 150.
serg40 posts the big blind of 300.
Strud8: -- --
JimboJim711: 9d 9c
sonny63: -- --
serg40: -- --
goombah49: -- --
R0YAL: -- --
OklaBandit: -- --
pmoskal: -- --
kinatsu: -- --

goombah49 folds. R0YAL raises to 1300. OklaBandit
calls. RON THE SHARK folds. pmoskal folds.
kinatsu folds. Strud8 folds. JimboJim711 calls.
sonny63 folds. serg40 calls.
Flop (board: 7s 3s 4d):

serg40 has disconnected, is dropped.
serg40 has reconnected.
serg40 bets 300. R0YAL goes all-in for 9285.
OklaBandit folds. JimboJim711 folds. serg40 folds.
R0YAL is returned 8985 (uncalled).

Hand #36217269-148 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
R0YAL wins 6200.


Oh and I forgot to mention the the table has bee really timid. I would say that out of the last 10 hands 4 of them went without the BB being called.


Rock Star
You'd be calling off most of your chips. There is a (slight) possibility that you are in dominating position (up against a smaller PP). However, most likely I would say in this spot, you are up against a higher PP, and you'll be in bad shape. There is a possibility that he's on AK, but even then.. you're a coinflip, and I dunno about you.. but I don't like coinflips.

Of course this could be an all-out bluff, but I doubt it. Not having been at the table I would probably put this as a PP, probably higher than yours... however, it's not unheard of to push all-in with 22-88.


Save your chips... I'd put him on TT or JJ. He clearly REALLY likes his hand but is afraid of someone drawing out on him. I doubt he'd push with just unpaired overcards. If he has a big draw then you're unlikely to be much of a favourite. Wait for a better situation.


Oh and I forgot to mention the the table has bee really timid. I would say that out of the last 10 hands 4 of them went without the BB being called.

Considering this, I fold preflop. As for post-flop, this is just about the most perfect flop (barring 9KA) for 9s. If you're willing to cold-call a big bet like that preflop, then IMO you have to call the flop too.

Just as a side note, he's really over-betting the pot, and it smells a little like AK/AQ missing and trying to push you out here. Of course he could still have you dominated with TT/JJ+, but with a hand like this I think he bets probably 2/3 the pot instead of pushing in a huge overbet. I guess my action would have to be read-dependent, but I think you could avoid this situation by either folding or reraising PF with this.


thanks for the imput...my thinking was a combination of Spore and BombJack's. I have enough chips to probably make it too the money (with a hand or two won) so why take a chance betting against a hand that dominated me. I was thinking if he did have AK I'm still in good shape and I thought of AQ-AJ of spades which then he would have a slight lead.

As for ChuckT's post...I totally didnt think of my preflop play in this hand really. That is more of my stye though is calling with a PP and suprising them with it if the oppertunity arises.