$Freeroll NLHE MTT: 1010 in BU call of fold?



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Would you guys call here? What range is he playing here?

Stats after 27 hands: VPIP 52 PFR 15 Limp pre-flop 47 Post-flop AGG 1.17

pokerstars - 125/250 Ante 25 NL - Holdem - 9 players

MP+1: 8,020 (32.1 bb)
MP+2: 50,150 (200.6 bb)
CO: 75,513 (302.1 bb)
Hero (BTN): 16,761 (67 bb)
SB: 42,925 (171.7 bb)
BB: 14,658 (58.6 bb)
UTG: 9,635 (38.5 bb)
UTG+1: 22,136 (88.5 bb)
MP: 6,175 (24.7 bb)

9 players post ante of 25, SB posts 125, BB posts 250

Pre Flop: (pot: 600) Hero has :10s: :10c4:
fold, UTG+1 raises to 625, MP calls 625, 2 folds, CO calls 625, Hero calls 625, fold, BB calls 375

Flop: (3,475, 5 players) :6d4: :qd4: :6h:
BB bets 14,008 and is all-in, 3 folds, Hero folds

Results: 3,475 pot (0 rake)
Final Board: :6d4: :qd4: :6h:

BB wins 3,475


The question for this hand is not on the flop as I think that is an easy fold. How many hands worse than yours are doing a lead jam into 4 others? We can rule out all smaller pocket pairs so the only stuff we are ahead of would be two diamond hands (slight flip fav against two overcard diamonds and 60 ish % against one over diamonds) and can we expect villain to just jam that there? I wouldnt think so, so I would guess it is someone who cant control themselves with a 6 (it is a freeroll) or just someone with Qx that wants everyone else to fold out their draws.

The question for this hand should be pre flop. Should we call, raise, or jam here? To me its on the edge because of the stack sizes. Id say if we were talking 40 BBs and under with a UTG +1 that vpips that much along with just calls behind your best move would be to jam pre. Given we are deeper I dont like jamming as much but still think it is profitable here. Personally I dont like raising to a size we would need to raise to for people to not correctly call against us and that would be something approaching 25% of our stack. Therefore, I think this is a jam or call and set mine spot. I dont think calling is bad and in the moment that is what I would probably do but in thinking about it, I think jamming is better. Im interested to see what others write regarding their opinions about what choice is best pre flop.


I definitely think, calling is profitable here, but with all that dead money from two people calling in between, I also think a 3-bet should at least be considered. Yes you will need to risk around 20% of your stack, and you will probably not get everyone to fold, but if you can get it heads-up with a low SPR rather than go 5-ways to the flop, the equity of TT goes up tremendously, and the hand becomes easier to play. Sure its not great, if the original raiser comes back over the top, but unless he is a maniac, I think, we can just fold, because thats usually going to be either JJ+ or AK and almost never a bluff.

Kind of bizarre line from BB, and I actually tend to discount strong hands quite a bit. To me this looks much more like a flushdraw just wanting everyone to fold, and if he gets action, at least he still has equity, unless someone flopped a boat. But the issue is, that even if we go with that read, he probably has at least one overcard, and we need almost 50% equity, since its such a massive overbet. So I would also fold here and live to fight another day.
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