double gutshot, early stages tourney (freeroll)



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Nov 10, 2007
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were the odds in my favor or was folding the right move?
Sorry for not converting but it was leaving out crucial info.

#48161306-31 at Mon635pmTo1K-028 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 19/Nov/07 19:21:51

zero-sum is at seat 0 with 1890.
giacomo8 is at seat 1 with 4785.
Jabroni_2600 is at seat 2 with 17925.
dropstoproll is at seat 3 with 1175.
xchristoff38x is at seat 4 with 1120.
Jacky_Paper is at seat 5 with 4045.
debbie39 is at seat 6 with 10420.
kkimm is at seat 7 with 2815.
NemomeN is at seat 8 with 1805.
BoDeeDoe is at seat 9 with 4040.
The button is at seat 5.

debbie39 posts the small blind of 20.
kkimm posts the big blind of 40.
zero-sum: -- --
giacomo8: -- --
Jabroni_2600: 5s 6c
dropstoproll: -- --
xchristoff38x: -- --
Jacky_Paper: -- --
debbie39: -- --
kkimm: -- --
NemomeN: -- --
BoDeeDoe: -- --

NemomeN calls. BoDeeDoe calls. zero-sum folds.
giacomo8 calls. Jabroni_2600 calls. dropstoproll
folds. xchristoff38x folds. Jacky_Paper folds.
debbie39 calls. kkimm checks.
Flop (board: 8d 2h 9c):

debbie39 bets 240. kkimm folds. NemomeN raises to
480. BoDeeDoe folds. giacomo8 calls. Jabroni_2600
calls. debbie39 calls.
Turn (board: 8d 2h 9c 4c):

debbie39 checks. NemomeN bets 40. giacomo8 raises
to 80. Jabroni_2600 calls. debbie39 re-raises to
3800. NemomeN goes all-in for 1285. giacomo8 folds.
Jabroni_2600 folds. debbie39 is returned 2515
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

debbie39 shows Jd Js.
NemomeN shows 2c 2s.

River (board: 8d 2h 9c 4c 3h):

(no action in this round)

Appreciate any input



Nov 7, 2007
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Would you be asking the question if one of your 8 outs didn't hit?

Good fold.