AQs in EP, late in tournament



Feb 5, 2005
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I am currently 22/30 players left. Av. stack is over 200K.
I have an M of 5.5

PokerStars Game #15652574440: Tournament #79023911, $0.25+$0.00 Hold'em
No Limit - Level XX (5000/10000) - 2008/03/01 - 02:11:01 (ET)
Table '79023911 342' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: JACK13THETOP (206686 in chips)
Seat 2: pokerchippy (310208 in chips)
Seat 3: SPL 1616 (11768 in chips)
Seat 4: mthummer (117406 in chips)
Seat 5: FREAKIN$WEET (192308 in chips)
Seat 6: axl_foldey (89012 in chips)
Seat 7: onedavie (239098 in chips)
Seat 9: TRM_SHRiMP (121016 in chips)
JACK13THETOP: posts the ante 1000
pokerchippy: posts the ante 1000
SPL 1616: posts the ante 1000
mthummer: posts the ante 1000
FREAKIN$WEET: posts the ante 1000
axl_foldey: posts the ante 1000
onedavie: posts the ante 1000
TRM_SHRiMP: posts the ante 1000
axl_foldey: posts small blind 5000
onedavie: posts big blind 10000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to TRM_SHRiMP [Qs As]
TRM_SHRiMP: ...?

What is my play here?
Im obv. not folding..right? Do I just shove and try to take down the pot. Or do I go with a standard raise of 4x BB? If I do that, can I fold to a shove after committing that much money?


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Sep 2, 2007
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^^^ I would rather see a raise to 4X BB to try and get a caller from the table to maximize value. I would then be shoving the flop whatever. I would just rather see a 4X bb raise to try and get some action from worse hands, I would be afraid of a shove passing through and just taking blinds. I would also call any shove over the top


Oct 9, 2006
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With your 'M' at 5.5, these could be the last good cards you see. I would assume a few things;
1- You are willing to take these cards to the dance, but how do you make it the most successful dance?
2-A shove UTG will not be the most profitable move, but more than likely it would steal the blinds.

I think the play may be called a stop and go, aka limp/ shove. Under these circumstances the limp/shove may be a way to get the most money on the table and then theoretically into you stack.

UTG you limp, almost guaranteeing at least one other caller, perhaps raiser. The difference between this suggestion, and switches is that a 4x UTG raise will discourage action, and I would want to encourage action knowing I was shoving any action. Pot building. The table knows you are shortstacked, and someone will likely try to steal this from you, or maybe u get 2 or 3 callers. If you get a raiser, then you shove. If no raiser, then with closed eyes you shove the flop.

Or you could just fold here, knowing the next hand will be AA.;)


Feb 18, 2007
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personally with an M of 5 i would be shoving here because you force a player to make the all in call rather than have to call the all in. i would rather fold than limp here because what may happen is you may invite another 2 or 3 limpers behind you and if u dont hit a piece of the flop or flop a descent draw your in trouble...especially at low stakes:)

The other reason to shove here, is because if no one has a hand to call you with, you still pick up the blinds and antes which are VERY BIG in comparison to your stack, and that way you buy yourself another round and hopefully find an opportunity to double up.....


Sep 6, 2007
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You're M is exactly 5, so raising like 3 or 4x bb would make you pot comitted if you got callers, so I'd shove.