Any idea's why he would do this?



I am tightest player at the table and have played a grand total of 3 hands in the 1st hour the absolute muppet does this.....

** Game ID 409082475 starting - 2006-01-21 20:22:23
** Holdem Freezeout:Table 15 [Multi Table Hold 'em] (100.00|200.00 No Limit - MTT) real money

- Busensvans sitting in seat 1 with $3060.00
- Zyclone sitting in seat 2 with $6355.00
- Kenta9 sitting in seat 3 with $2400.00
- colink24 sitting in seat 4 with $1275.00
- hasher66 sitting in seat 5 with $5775.00
- hazndaz sitting in seat 6 with $3655.00
- mobilitys01 sitting in seat 7 with $3805.00 [Dealer]
- ROLO1 sitting in seat 8 with $3350.00
- Close22 sitting in seat 9 with $4170.00
- lennart1979 sitting in seat 10 with $3110.00 [Sitting out]

ROLO1 posted the small blind - $50.00
Close22 posted the big blind - $100.00

** Dealing card to colink24: Ace of Clubs, King of Diamonds
lennart1979 folded
Busensvans folded
Zyclone folded
Kenta9 folded
colink24 raised - $400.00
hasher66 called - $400.00
hazndaz folded
mobilitys01 folded
ROLO1 folded
Close22 folded

** Dealing the flop: 5 of Clubs, King of Hearts, 8 of Hearts
colink24 bet - $400.00
hasher66 called - $400.00

** Dealing the turn: 3 of Clubs
colink24 went all-in - $475.00
hasher66 called - $475.00
hasher66 shows: 6 of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds

** Dealing the river: 9 of Spades
hasher66 wins $2700.00 from the main pot

End of game 409082475

Now I can accept the call at the end as I am short stacked and pot is quite big - but he has 8 outs, making him about 18% to hit, so he doesnt even have the odds


Well I can only think of 2 reasons..

Because Donk's do that and that is just they way they are.
Because of the more loose aggresive players online now a days.(they don't care).


Rock Star
Why not go all in as soon as you hit the KK with the A kicker and make them pay to see the next card better chance of your opponent folding


Really Colin with just under 7 BB left, I would have pre-fered a pre-flop or even flop all-in here. Anyway thats beside the point.

A LOT of players will play non-suited connectors to at least the flop stage. Being the table's chip leader this play isnt the worst in the world, considering the size of your raise, the fact that you'll more than likely continuation bet, he'd (if he was a good player) see that if he gets a good flop, youll be pot-committed, and hell get your chips.

If he dosnt get a good flop then hey, he's still the chip leader. So what sort of flop do players that play these sort of hands hope for ? Rarely will they flop a straight, pairing either card is useless, so its 2 pair, or a good straight draw (like he got). True he should have folded the hand, you were the favourite, but he was getting the chance to knock you out. (you didnt say what stage the tourney was at).

I have to agree with Ruf here, a pot size bet on the flop, which would have been close to an all-in, (all-in really) would more than likely have at least given you some fold equity, i feel tho given his stack size he would have more than likely called.

Ok bad play on his part, but not the worst. I dont really think you could have done much different here Colin, bar the pre-flop push, and swipe the blinds. Good post..........


am tightest player at the table and have played a grand total of 3 hands in the 1st hour

You may know this...but a lot of opponents don't pay attention to the # of hands other people at the table play. Only observant opponents will notice players who don't play much and only do so with good hands. Observant players would not play this hand in your opponent's shoes.

Especially in the early stages of a MTT (1st hour), I wouldn't place too much emphasis on your table image if you expect people to recognize that you are playing tight.

Onto the hand...

With a 6x BB stack, you should be pushing all-in preflop. Any raise you make will commit you to the pot, so an all-in move would give you more fold equity.


Yes good observations made by others.. people like to take out the small stacks no matter what the cost..

Agreed as well you should have been pushing your whole stack in being that you were the smallest.


I don't like your post flop bet either. With the flush draw on the board, you should be betting at least the pot so he doesn't have drawing odds. With your small stack, you should have pushed all in on the flop. Make people pay for their draws.