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Jan 1, 2008
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Hand #13911617E2001965: Million Dollar Freeroll Series Satellite
Seat 3: SubT33 (11945.00 in chips)
Seat 4: justinsquirt (17230.00 in chips)
Seat 6: herdsteve (34255.00 in chips)
Seat 7: JBAcesFull (6536.00 in chips)
Seat 8: seanteeks (18903.00 in chips)
Seat 9: illwillcall (59949.00 in chips)
Seat 10: rollingagile (37669.00 in chips)
Seat #10 is the button
SubT33 posts ante of $100
justinsquirt posts ante of $100
herdsteve posts ante of $100
JBAcesFull posts ante of $100
seanteeks posts ante of $100
illwillcall posts ante of $100
rollingagile posts ante of $100
SubT33: posts small blind $600
justinsquirt: posts big blind $1,200
Dealt to SubT33 [ Ac Td ]
herdsteve: calls
JBAcesFull: folds
seanteeks: folds
illwillcall: folds
rollingagile: folds
SubT33: calls
justinsquirt: checks
*** FLOP *** [ 6h Ah 6d ]
SubT33: bets $4,800
justinsquirt: folds
herdsteve: raises to $9,600
SubT33: is all in
herdsteve: calls
*** TURN *** [ 9h ]
*** RIVER *** [ Js ]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
herdsteve wins $25,590 with Two Pairs, Aces and Sixes with King kicker

It was a newly formed table, but who's kidding who, I never really pay attention to other players when its a FR. I guess his hand is pretty obvious, I mean what the hell else would he have? It's getting late and I have to go feed my baby, my wife is pissed at me, damnit


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Nov 5, 2007
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Why did you call the big reraise? He could have had a 6 or pocket 6's or even pocket A's for all you know looking at the prelop action. No shame in folding when you're pretty sure you're probably beat.

His play was far from great....My guess, he was blinded by Big Slick with an ace on the table when he reraised.


Jul 8, 2007
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As adventure said, he is likely to limp in with the 6s or Aces, the only way that you would know the value of your hand, would be to raise preflop and then fold to a re-raise.


Oct 15, 2007
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Small and medium Aces are terrible hands. Almost the same category as KQ and KJ.

Since you only have 10BB left, you cannot raise pre-flop to find out where you are because a small raise is likely to get called by a wide range of hands, and a big raise pot-commits you.

The best action pre-flop is to fold.

When you hit your A, you never know where you stand with T kicker, and since you are OOP, you have to fold or commit your tournament life to this hand.

If flop is T-high, you are a little better, but still vurnalable to str8 draws and 2 pairs if limper has 9T, 8T and so on.

Since you completed, on the flop you should either check to see what they do, bet small intending to fold to a re-raise or go all-in. Betting half your stack is no good since you are pot-committed and it would be better to go all-in instead.

If you check and they bet, you don't know wheter they are bluffing or have it. You cannot call even a small bet because there are 2 more betting rounds and the chips will go in the pot there.

If you bet small (say around 2k), and they re-raise, you can fold with your stack still somewhat in existence. If they call, what do you do on turn and river?

Betting all-in means they will usually fold when they are behind, and call when they are ahead. So that bet has negative EV.

As you can see, NONE of the options above is good. This is why folding pre-flop is best. You could use the chips saved to limp in position with worse hand.

Another pre-flop option is to go all-in. If you had a smaller stack, that would be more attractive. The advantage of pre-flop all-in is that you eliminate your positional disadvantage and create FE for yourself. However, you are not first in the pot and that has seriouis drawbacks. For 10BB stack, as yours, a pre-flop all-in is an overkill. You have enough chips to wait for a better situation.

To summarize: fold pre-flop


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Jan 1, 2008
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Yeah AT really keeps on screwing me. Thanks for the feedback.


Dec 1, 2007
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with a small kicker and a flop like that i always look around the table and think..ok who has trip's ?? play on . and good luck.
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