AK in qualifier turbo



This is at one of those $8.70 2-table turbos; 6th gets $14, 5th and up get $26 tournament tickets.

We've got a mix of TAG, LAG and LAP players on the table; villain is loose aggressive (roughly 30/20/1.5).

I know I'm ahead of his range, but do we need to push this? I mean I have enough chips to wait it out a little and save my chips for a better spot where I can push as first in, but if I push here I know that he's pretty much got to call with only 1700 left.

So push or fold?

fulltiltpoker Game #1890488610: Tier One $8+$0.70 (Turbo) (14103782), Table 1 - 250/500 - No Limit Hold'em - 10:33:50 ET - 2007/02/28
Seat 2: oldgranny20 (2,510)
Seat 3: coldkegs2go (4,040)
Seat 5: ChuckTs (3,710)
Seat 6: Steelknght (2,010), is sitting out
Seat 7: OldBrizalla (4,110)
Seat 8: xLink20x (3,270)
Seat 9: jussblaze420 (7,350)
ChuckTs posts the small blind of 250
Steelknght posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ChuckTs [Kh Ac]
Juhulius (Observer): $&!!king löucky %!%&tt mongo
OldBrizalla folds
coldkegs2go: hahaha
xLink20x raises to 1,500
jussblaze420 folds
coldkegs2go: dont u know the full tilt secret?
xLink20x: lol
xLink20x: true
oldgranny20 folds
coldkegs2go folds
ChuckTs ...


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Dakota folds cause she is chicken and doesn't want to lose her chips in a race against a pair with AK.

Guess I will wait and see what ChuckT's does.


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Interesting position here - we can fold our way to the token (or at least the $14), since we have a couple of shorter stacks (including a sitout) at the table, and any push made by them should be called by at least one player.

If you put the initial raiser on a hand where you're ahead (he has A-10/J/Q), then you really have no choice but to push here.

The interesting question is what do you do if you suspect that he has a pair here and that you're in a race? At that point, a fold is more prudent, given the payout structure.


These tournaments are donk filled chuck, pushing AK here and racing wouldnt not be my ideal. I fold and pick on the blinds for another orbit or two. Its pretty easy to fold into the tickets in these if you have any decent sized stack at all.