A J vs. 10 3



Game #1712716754 - Tournament Quickie - 100 player max - 400/800 No Limit Texas Hold'em - 2006/09/15-17:28:49.9 (CST)Table "Quickie 8" (MTT) --
Seat 9 is the button
Seat 2: rubud85 (3,010 in chips)
Seat 4: Duke1907 (9,965 in chips)
Seat 6: Trips'69' (2,065 in chips)
Seat 7: No1HoopsFan (18,307 in chips)
Seat 8: Mooronic (7,170 in chips)
Seat 9: misorski7 (1,318 in chips)

Duke1907: Ante (50)Trips'69': Ante (50)No1HoopsFan: Ante (50)Mooronic: Ante (50)misorski7: Ante (50)rubud85 : Ante (50)rubud85 : Post Small Blind (400)Duke1907: Post Big Blind (800)Dealing...

Dealt to Mooronic [ Jc ]Dealt to Mooronic [ Ad ]
Trips'69': Fold
No1HoopsFan: Call (800)
Mooronic: Call (800)
misorski7: Raise All-in (1,268)
rubud85 : Fold Duke1907: Call (468)
No1HoopsFan: Call (468)
Mooronic: Call (468)*** FLOP *** : [ 3s 3d Ah ]

Duke1907: Check
No1HoopsFan: Bet (800)
Mooronic: Raise (5,852)
Duke1907: Raise All-in (8,647)
No1HoopsFan: Fold

*** TURN *** : [ 3s 3d Ah ] [ 2c ]*** RIVER *** : [ 3s 3d Ah 2c ] [ 8s ]

*** SUMMARY ***Pot: 5,772 | Side pot 1: 12,504 | Board: [ 3s 3d Ah 2c 8s ]

rubud85 lost 450 (folded)
Duke1907 bet 9,965, collected 21,071, net +11,106 (showed hand) [ Tc 3c ] (three of a kind, threes)
Trips'69' lost 50 (folded)
No1HoopsFan lost 2,118 (folded)
Mooronic lost 7,170 (showed hand) [ Jc Ad ] (two pair, aces and threes)
misorski7 lost 1,318 (showed hand) [ 7c 7d ] (two pair, sevens and threes)

I was afraid of someone nailing trips 3’s, but I matched the A and my J was backing me up.I also had a full house draw with my 2 pair. Min raise to me so I thought the pot was mine without challenge. nope.Bad play or back luck?


Essentially, its a fairly shortstacked table, you cant be too passive here. Do you want to win? or to limp over the money line?

Try to Isolate the shortest stack preflop. IE price Duke (for one) out of the pot.

Pot size is already in the low 5000's before your final call. So launching your remaining 6k or so here isnt a bad idea. Probably enough to knock Duke (at least) out of the pot, as he got involved for only 468.

As it goes, this would set you up for a run at the big money. In some cases ofcourse the limpers might outpower you, but you are deep enough in the tourney to consider making a strong move here. Crawling accross the money line will only ever give you a long term negative ROI.

Your alternative to this play, is to fold pre-flop without even limping ;)
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Bad play or back luck?

You play a big hand incredibly passively preflop despite being given two chances to raise with nobody except a very shortstack having shown any aggression at all beforehand. You got 1000 chips in while ahead and 6000 chips in while behind. Except in some special cases (which this isn't), that's a pretty good indicator of a bad decision somewhere down the line.

Push preflop unless big stack has a history of limping with strong hands, even then I still probably push unless we're in a special bubble situation or something.


You should have raised to about 2500-3000 pre-flop, so you wouldn't have people with T3 seeing a cheap flop. There's nothing to gain by letting the blinds freeroll in to beat you. The big blind has to call the half blind raise because he's getting great pot odds.


Thanks for the help – you’re right about the pre-flop analysis. I was getting close to the money, so I think I was becoming too stingy with my bets trying to avoid a bad beat I guess.

Turns out the opposite happened. I shouldn’t have let him see the flop – but he was a maniac raiser so he might have called anyways. Regardless, pre-flop betting is a big part of my game I need to work on.

Pay and learn.