$21 NLHE MTT Bounty: 3 bet pot OOP as aggresor SPR 2, 2 over cards



May 18, 2020
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MTT, 2 hours to end of late registration, progressive bonty 50%/50% prize pool.

Folds, CO ( 45bb, 1,8 starting stack, no additional bounty) raises to 2bb folds, we raises to 8bb with AdQd from BB (73 bb), he calls

flop 7d 5h 2h (17,6 bb)

What now, he probably gots sth, to call my 3 bet especially because I got bigger stack.
I was consider betting 1/3 or bigger (what we do if he raises or call) or check/jam flop, check/folding seems weak, check calling another option.

No reads on opponent.

What do you think. I have big problem with this spot and similiar.


Jun 3, 2019
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I often go for a "one and done" C-bet in situations like this. My experience is, they get at least some folds, and if not we can be fairly confident, we are beat and just give up, unless we bink top pair on the turn. The fact, you have a BDFD, also matter at least a little bit, because it allow you to sometimes pick up decent equity on the turn.


Feb 13, 2018
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On the flop I think this is a fairly easy decision to c bet here. Would we ever be checking here with an overpair unless we knew the villain was over aggressive and we were trapping (even then I still might bet thinking they would raise and go from there)? Therefore you should bet here repping a large pocket pair which is a sizable chunk of your 3 betting range. Villain may or may not know ranges but in getting 3 bet pre and then facing a bet with 752 rainbow on the board they should fold more often than not when they dont have a pair. AK hands might even fold from opponents who are weaker and tighter so a bet is a must. You dont have to go large since just the act of betting will show strength and also if you did have a large pair here you would not want villain to run away from the hand. I like somewehere around 40% of pot give or take. If you get raised then you can bail out in the hand (knowing that if you got bluff raised by villain you will eventually be in this spot with them with a large pair and you can get them then). If you get called then you still have two overcards to the board, more than likely two overcards to any pair they would have plus a backdoor nut flush draw.