$1.50 NLHE STT: How did I play my Aces?



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Mar 29, 2021
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Hi guys,

this is from a 6 handed $1.50 sit and go. I won the hand but wasn't too sure about my choices. I felt like it was possible for villain to have a straight and I was just spewing chips but maybe this was actually an okay play?

How would you guys have played it?

Blinds: 10/20
Ante: 3

UTG: Villain 1: (1898 in chips)
MP: Villain 2 (1655 in chips)
SB: Hero (1788 in chips)

*** PRE FLOP***
Dealt to hero [Ah Ad]
villain 1: raises to 80
villain 2: calls 80
hero: raises to 180
Villain 2: folds
Villain 1: calls 100

[pot 488]

*** FLOP *** [Tc 9d Qh]

Hero: bets 100
Villain 1: calls 100

[pot 688]

*** TURN *** [Tc 9d Qh] [Ks]

Hero: bets 339
Villain 1: calls 339

[pot 1366]

*** RIVER *** [Tc 9d Qh Ks] [4h]

Hero: bets 240
Villain 1: calls 240

[Total pot 1846]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

Hero: shows [Ah Ad] (a pair of Aces)
Villain: [Kh Ac]

I put him on a mid pair 88s or 99s or something like JKs, QKs, JQs. Looking back maybe I shouldn't have bet the river and let him bluff? But if he'd made a good sized bet I probably would have folded, so wanted to show some more aggression so this didn't happen.


Jun 3, 2019
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Your 3-bet is way to small. The standard sizing out of position against a single player is 4X, and when there is a field caller, you need to add those chips as well so 5X. In this case V1 came in for a 4BB open raise, which is oversized, and if you make it 5X, it is going to be very large. So I dont mind sizing down a bit, but I would definitely not go smaller than 350. Thats still small enough to allow one of them to think, they can come over the top and still have fold equity. When you go this small, you are always getting action, but you are not getting enough value, and you are also not protecting your hand. Its really strange, that V2 was willing to put in 80 but not the extra 100 having position on both opponents.

Quite a connected and dangerous flop, and you definitely dont need to bet very big, but you only bet 20% pot, which is extremely small. I would bet maybe twice this size.

This was a terrible card, because now any J has a straight, and even more hands made two pair including KQ, which is a likely holding for your opponent. So you hand pretty much turned to dust, yet now is the time, you started to put some actual chips in the pot. This is totally backwards. You should check now and try to get to a cheap showdown, and if he will not allow that, you probably have to fold.

At least the river card did not make things worse, but the situation is still the same. There is no reason to bet here, so you should check and then make a decision, if he bet.

You got very lucky here, that he had pretty much the only hand worse than yours, that was still going to call those bets on the turn and river. But if you had raised bigger preflop, he might have come over the top and jammed it in, and then you would have stacked him. So this hand was basically not played well on any street. Might sound harsh, but I am sure, you shared it, because you want to improve :)


Jun 30, 2016
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My main criticism of your play would be preflop. Your 3 bet is much too small, given that you are out of position and vs 2 players.

Other than that, you are fortunate that villain was prepared to play small ball poker and try to get his pair of Kings to showdown.