$0.5 NLHE STT Turbo: KJ OOP on an AKx flop against a loose passive opponent.



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Dec 11, 2020
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I'm wondering if I should even play this from this position. What my point of view was:

  • 2.3x open due to effective stacks (good or bad?)
  • Standard Cbet OTF (not sure if the sizing is ok though, I'm pretty bad at bet sizings on such boards)
  • I had no info on his turn game. His range is wide for me - straight draw, lower pocket pair, some connectors, low Kx and some Ax that I wouldn't throw out with a Cbet so i decided to check OTT
  • After a check I thought I was ahead so I went for a thin bet.

Somehow this hand frustrated me, maybe It would have bothered me less if he raised river with that ace but he seemed to be a passive player :p


Oct 1, 2018
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Preflop: I think it's fine to raise KJo here, but I'd probably be folding to any 3-bet and playing flops cautiously. I think I would've just min raised here personally, but I might also make it 2.5 if I wanted to go bigger. I think anyone who's gonna call 2.3 is gonna call 2.5.

Flop: I think the cbet sizing is fine seeing as there's a good chance you're behind so it lets you see where you're at. This board doesn't really have many draws so if I got called I think I'd be less inclined to bet later streets and try to keep the pot small.

Turn: I think checking here is fine. Nothing really changed from the flop and the fact that he called means there's a decent chance we're behind. We have showdown value with our pair of kings if he has nothing so we don't really need to try firing a 2nd barrel here imo.

River: I think there's nothing necessarily wrong with the value bet on the river but I think with him being a passive player like you said, him checking back doesn't tell us as might as it might otherwise. I think I would've checked the river, with a plan to call most small sized bets.
Poker Orifice

Poker Orifice

Jan 19, 2008
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Flop - smaller CB (it'll accomplish the same thing)
Turn - check is fine
River - 'check' (guy is passive... checking our hand looks like we have showdown value (we're betting w AIR &/or value)).

50 cent buyin, this ^ is what I'd be thinking...

Also, why would you be happier if villain had 'raised' on the river? What worse hands could he expect to be called by?

Villain checking back on the turn is good too imo


Jun 3, 2019
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Standard open, and any size between 2,0 and 2,5BB is fine.

I prefer a check with this particular hand on this particular texture. Your hand is clearly not strong enough to go for 3 streets, and it does not need a lot of protection. The A is already on the board, so its impossible for him to make a better one pair, if he dont have it already. There are not many draws either, just a few gutshots to broadway. So for me this is a perfect hand to check to induce some bluffs and/or get thin value later. Also because the board is so dry, if you are going to bet, you should bet small especially in a tournament with shallow stacks. Around 1/3 pot is enough to give his QT or 65s bad odds to continue.

As played you need to check now for pot control, and you are very happy, he checked back.

I dont hate the small river bet for value. It can induce him to call with a lot of weak pairs. Its ok to value own yourself on the river sometimes. If you are always good when called, you are not betting thin enough.
Collin Moshman

Collin Moshman

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Nov 11, 2009
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I agree with Fundiver on checking flop, or going with a smaller c-bet size on this dry flop if you do bet. The rest of the streets are good.

Ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish with this flop bet. It doesn't get many worse hands to call; and if they do call, they probably would call a later street anyway. It doesn't get any better hands to fold. Your hand doesn't need much protection.

So you play the hand well but be on the lookout for more spots to check instead of c-betting.