Yuhu i won 96 $



Hi guys ,

i just finished the 10+1 $ ( 48 Players )at absolutepoker on 2nd and get 96 $....

It was a tourney with up and downs....

I started slow and get some little pots. After i doubled up with a all-in which i called with pp K.. against Q/9...

So, i tried to be patience ( grumble i hope it's right now lol ) and i was waiting of good pocket cards. I get another pp K and called 1600 ( guy all-in )

Flop comes: K-Q-Q and i got a full. YUHU... But guy had pp Q....

So i was down on 2400....

14 Players left and i get two times in a row pp J and win two big pots and take the chip lead.

Final table: i got 17000

First pot a huge lost and i am down on 9000 ( i called 4000k's with A/Q suited )

After Flop i called another 4 ( Flop was Q-8-K different suit ) and the Turn came another K... he moves all-in ( another 4 ) and i quit. Was to scadred of the King.... Got some outs for a flush but that's not enough i think )

So i played well after and it left 2 Players. He got 38000 and me 34000....

The chip lead changed at least 10 times and my final hand was A/7 i go with 10 k's ( we both got arround 36 ) he called.

Flop comes : 9-8-7 and i move another 15000....
he call again and Turn: K i move the rest all-in he call.

River : Q

He shows: A/8 lol and get the lead with A/8 against A/7 ...

Tough call from the guy i think ? After it had 2600 left and moved next hand all-in with 2/6 and lost of course....

Did i do a mistake or you think it was right how i played the Hand ?

I will not have called that with just A/7 and you ?

Finally i am still happy with 96 $ ( winner got 144 $ )

See you guys


that KK losing to QQ was a terrible beat, but congrats on your good finish non-the-less.


wtg peter...good job, but probably went too far with your A/7 with all the over cards on the board...i cant say much i wouldn't of made it that far:marchmell



may your right notfit. But the other guy had the same problem....

I tried to make him fold and didn't work. We both played high risk in this hand i think...


That's awesome, I haven't had the guts to play in real money tournys yet. Considering I havent got in the top ten in any tourny yet I still need some practice. Congrats though.


Cool GooseLegs,

take your time and don't waste your money. Respect ....

GOOD LUCK and i hope you'll soon reach a final table


dam somehow i never win those kinda tournaments. I will one like once in a while its jsut getting to the point where i jsut dont even wanna play them