What's your best comeback?



I think mine was last night.

I think I'm a fair poker player, there are some times when I should really not play so many hands. I think that is probably my biggest downfall. I got into this mindset that any 2 cards can win, and sometimes I take it too far. I'm getting better though. For example: Last night it was the third round of a mini tourney. It was a $5 table, and I had been playing bad/getting poor cards, take your pick. All 10 people were still in. Anyway, I was down to my last 60 chips. I was waiting for something to put my last hope on. Into my hands fell an 88, so I figured now was the time. All-in. A couple others came in with me. The flop came and there was an 8. I hit a set. Yay me. So I won my portion of the pot. A few hands later and I had my chips back over 1000. Not long after that I was chip leader. One by one the others fell until it was just me and another. Unfortunately I started letting the other guy control the game, following him all-in until he ended up with more chips than I. Each time we practically had the same hand, but he had the better kicker. Needless to say I was EXTREMEMLY happy even though I only came in second and won $15. The reason. This was my last $6 at this site, and I really didn't want to make another deposit. I came in second in the next tourney as well. Then I won the next one.

So what's your best comeback story?


we play touneys all the time (me and my mates) between 7 and 19 people usually i have come back from 25 chips before to win. Once took in to the last five 800 chips (out of 19 000) and won. obviously this requires a fair bit of luck but i find i play a better tight aggressive style when i have a small stack (small not tiny)


85 chip surprise

My biggest comeback came in all places a freeroll. Most players get discouraged when they fall from 1000 chips to 85, so much so they usually click the away button.

Not me, I find it to be the ultimate challenge. Of coarse I'm not saying ine should go out there and purposely lose to get in those types of positions, trust me if you play enough tournaments you'll have the chance.

After that comeback from near last to first place with a field of 347 players gave me the idea to start documenting other criteria. I have found two years later that I tend to play much better in the underdog roll(sitting 7th-10th) on a ten player table.

There a a couple of factors I have noticed and now use them to keep my composure when I'm not in the short stack.


I have to agree with that. I've come back from 65 chips in freeroll and gotten up to over 6,000 by being selective and going all in and doubleing up


live tourney miracle

my best comeback was in a live tourney. i had rockets cracked by jacks on the second hand, it left me with enough to call the big blind. the next 4 hands i was dealt ak kk qq kq, tripling up everytime. i stilll was a short stack but i had enough to sit back and wait. after about 4 hours i was the chip leader i could not believe what had happened. the prize was 250 for first, i was very lucky, but sometimes rather be lucky then good.


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2 on the river

Me and 3 other people went all in and I hit a 2 onthe river to give me four of a kind


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My best come back was a $10 sng... 10 people in it.. with 8 left I was short stacked with 100 left.. big blind was 50 and starting was 1000. I came 2nd :)

Just got some good cards I suppose, But i was jumping around the room for 30 mins after :D