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I really like to play at UltimateBet, but the problems they have been having since their recent "upgrade" have really saddened me. It has been worse than FTP's problems of a couple months ago. Long logins, account screen problems, and SnG registering delays that I have experienced really have me worried. I have read some horror stories on the newsgroup about week-long neteller withdrawals, week-long support email response, and money getting stuck for days at a player's last table played.

Is UB going under? I've played ring games there in the last few days and that seemed normal but the other periphery delay problems still exist. I'm thinking of withdrawing my bankroll until they get it together, but I could be in for another problem with that, also. But what if they close up shop & keep my funds? I am perplexed.

Please share your feelings, opinions, and recent experiences regarding Ultimate Bet.


I play there occasionally. I can't even log on, it tells me they are upgrading and to please be patient (something like that). Its never been one of my favorite sites, so I think I will likely just get rid of it.


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Haven't played there since I started posting to the site here. There are a lot better sites out there than UB, especially if they are having problems like that. My suggestion, move your money until things settle down. Good choices for it are Titan or AbsolutePoker is also a pretty good site.


I have played there MrSticker but not recently.
I have seen some of the upgrade and I like it. I have received 2 emails from UB themselves about their problems. I am hoping that UBs problems are a typical upgrade situation and not a failing business situation.

From my understanding the upgrade was a major overhaul of the system like Paradise did last year. Hopefully all it will take them some time to get it all worked out. I have funds there myself but not deposited funds. I won a TEC on Mother's day last year and some cash from the CardsChat freeroll there before that. I can't move it around but was going deposit when out financial situation got a bit better and I was more confident in my game to play the TEC :)


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yeah MRsticker i have over $50 tied up on various sit&go,s there that have crashed and some mtt,s also and it seems that the ring games just now are the only safe way to play at the moment. However i have had many emails apologizing for this and letting me know that i will eventually get my money back and that i should bear with them until these matters are resolved.they have also promised to compensate me for the inconvenience in the way of bonus dollars plus tec,s for freerolls their going to hold for the people who were effected i have to say i love this site and i am willing to stick with them until these problems are solved.


Here's a promising response from UB:

On March 1st, we performed a significant change to the UltimateBet backend system. Why the change? Our old system, while great for our early years, was not capable of handling our continued growth and some of the exciting new features and products we plan on adding in the future. A more powerful backend system was needed to accomplish this.

Please note that this change to our backend system has not affected the security of our software. Your money is 100% secure, your personal information is 100% secure, and you can remain confident knowing that UltimateBet remains a very safe place to play.

While this significant change was necessary, it has resulted in some intermittent stability issues within the game - issues that can be expected with any major system overhaul.

We want you to know that our tech team is working around the clock to resolve all technical issues. We also want you to know that we are working our way through all customer emails and we are working around the clock to address each concern individually. Here is what we're doing to make sure that every customer is looked after:
  • We are reviewing all crashed ring games, Sit and Gos and tournaments to ensure that each player has the funds they are entitled to. Funds are being returned as we review each situation. You can be assured that we will get to everyone who has experienced this issue.
  • We are working through the system to credit players' accounts with UltimatePoints for time played in February. These points may not show up immediately but you will receive an email once your account has been credited.
  • We are addressing all stability issues to ensure that UltimateBet remains the best place to play online poker.
Once again, we are working our way through your questions, comments and concerns. We understand your need for a quick resolution to your concerns and we are working as quickly as possible to help all of our customers.

Thank you for your patience,

UltimateBet Member Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you not responded to my email query?
The recent upgrade has generated approximately 6 times our normal daily volume of email. We are fully staffed but due to the increase in volume we are backlogged in our responses and are responding to emails on a priority and time basis. Our focus is on correcting the problems so you may find that the problem you were writing in about has been resolved even though we haven't replied to your specific email.

It would assist us greatly for customers to write in only one time about the same issue.
My money is locked up at a table and I can't get at it.

We have a number of tables where player funds are "stuck" due to a technical issue. We are working through the "stuck" tables to refund players. Return of funds to your account is our number one priority! Rest assured that the funds are completely safe.

I played in a Sit and Go that crashed and have not received a refund or chip equity.

We have experienced issues with reimbursing players who were seated at Sit and Go games that have crashed. Our programming team is working on correcting this issue and we expect to begin refunding shortly.
Players seated at a Sit and Go will be reimbursed as they always have been as soon as this technical issue is resolved.

What about Scheduled Tournaments that have failed?

We have undertaken chip equity or tournament refunds for all tournaments that have failed. Our tournament refund policy can be reviewed strategy/tournament_refund.html?l=trp"]

I cannot see any details in 'My Account'.

This is an unfortunate bug resulting from our upgrade. The programming team is working to correct the issue so that you can see all of your account details since the upgrade. Account statements for transactions prior to the upgrade were mailed out to all players on March 1st, 2006.
Ultimate Buddy doesn't work.

Ultimate Buddy is not available right now - the programming team is focusing on correcting payouts and ensuring that players have all of their funds (and can see them!). Once we've corrected this, we'll begin working on getting Buddy back - we know that it is an important tool for many of our players.

I haven't been credited any UB points for time played in February?

We have not generated any UB point credits for time played in February 2006. This usually runs the second or third day of the month following. Right now, we are focusing on making sure that all players have their funds. Once we've established this, we'll credit all accounts for time played.

What are you going to do to make up for this?

We realize that we've inconvenienced you. We know that you have other choices. We are working hard to regain your trust, and will be offering some great promotions as a way to thank you for your patience! These will be announced shortly.
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Was there couple days ago and my game froze up for hrs. For now I'm staying away from there for at least another week to make sure things get settled. Or until those great promotions lures me back. :)


jesus christ, stick - helluva list of problems there
i'll be sure not to deposit in UB


I also found the recent updates to be very troubling. However, over the years UB has earned my trust as a customer. It will take more than a week or two of issues to undo this. While the problems have me at wits end, i will continue to be patient and see if the ends justify the means. I'm having issues like; when i go to join a table it tells me i have not enough funds. Even though i do. I found that i have a "problem penny". Say i joined a table with my last $5.76 it would give me the error. So i joined with the minimum which i believe was $2.50. I then added chips and found that i could add $3.25 but not $3.26. Hmm. I'd say it must be a Canadian Penny, but isn't UB from canada!?