S&G, best size and payout?



I have been getting just drilled on the cash games the last month so I have been focusing on S&Gs on PS since they fill up fast. Now for all of you S&G nuts, which is the best ones to play.

1 table - 9 or 10 seaters. They have smaller payouts but 30-33% make it into the money. You really need to make top 2 to make any real money since third is usually just enough to cover the next S&G.

2 or 3 table - 18 or 27 seaters. odds decrease to make it into the money since only about 22% on 18 ppl or 18% on 27 ppl make it into the money but you can make more and not have to make it into the money as often to see a profit.

The 45 ppl or 180 ppl - Chance to make some real money for your investment but significantly harder to make it in the money, 15% for the 45 ppl and 10% for the 180 ppl.

I started to look closer and realized this for the games on actual places that make money (money back and at least a little profit):
9 ppl - top 2 = 22%
18 ppl - top 3 = 16%
27 ppl - top 5 = 18%
45 ppl - top 6 = 13 %
180 ppl - top 18 = 10%

I understand it is all about winning these things to truely make any profit but is the extra time invested in the multi-table ones worth the larger payouts? With just a 4% difference I would say that the 27 person ones are the best since you can get a real increase in money for a first and there is only a 4% difference in profitable finishes. Am I just way over anylizing these things or does all this make sense? I don't get alot of time to play online anymore so I want to make the most of it by playing smarter and where there is more money to be made.


Ive been playing in 9 person trying to place at least 2nd. I have finished 2nd and 3rd in about 5 SnG.. cash games have been killing me too...

Lost my first $75.
Got my new 45 deposit up to 75 and now its down to 32... blah


Poker is about math and odds and do you making the calls that are clearly profitable. I am looking at this as table selection question. I look at these different S&Gs and see that they are not the same and one should overall generate more profit mathmatically.

Skill does play a part but if you are decent at tournament formats I assume my skill protion will increase the more I play that style of S&G. How much do you need to make it into the money, when to make moves, etc will come quickly after playing them for a month.

I just want to know which table to set my chips at. I am already generating a profit from them, just wanting to maximize it.


I think it all depends on how much time you have to spend on one sit n go and your preference. Personally, I like playing the single table sit n gos at bodog. The main reason I play the single tables is that they only take 45-60 min to complete. I have played multi tables before and the one that I got 2nd in took over 2 hours to finish. Its pretty much all about preference. I know some people that do better with a larger field for some reason. I suggest you try them all and see which one you like best.