Progress Thread



I was thinking of starting a progress thread.

1: List your recent progress on line. ie... sngo's,limit,mtt.......

2: Ask questions that the others can answer.

3: Answer the questions. Mostly all of you are better than me. I'd like to get your input on my play.:hello:

I'll go first:

I'm tracking my last 2 weeks of sit-n-go's on Pacific. All these are the same buy in 2.50 + .50. And the same players entered: 5.

Total buy in's= 24 $72

- $72.00
$33.00 Profit.:cool:

Here is my questions:

1. Is that any good?:confused:

2. Do I consider going up in buy in amount? Do I consider going up in seat entries? (My account is currently at $66.00 and I can NOT Deposit. This is all from a $10 Bonus)

3. My other options at pacific are:

1. 10 seat 2.50+ .50NL
2. 40 seat 2.50+ .50NL
3. 20 seat 2+ .50NL
4. 20 seat 4+.50NL
5. 20 seat 5+.50NL
6. 6 seat 5+.50PL (haven't played too much pot limit)
There are many other options but the buy in's are more and with my limited budget I figured they were too high.
Dennis C

Dennis C

It looks to me like you can do no wrong. You're having a really good run and showing a profit. If I were going to move up I think I would try some of the 40 ppl $2.50s. Let me us know how you do.


If your winning keep doing what your doing until you can do it sitting on your head.

Then move up one bracket but still play the same level as well, gradually playing the higher one more and the current one less.

Then keep playing the higher one until you can beat that then move up in the same manner


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Great idea

My career so far, ive been mainly studying and playing free games with mates from my flat. But from the proper games ive played:
Four MTT's, [two with $5+1 buyins (online), two freerolls (live)] and one night of ring games on $1/2 limit tables

1st - 1..............$0 - Crate of becks lager :) (live freeroll)
2nd - 0.............$0
3rd - 1..............$972 :D (online speed tourny)
4th - 0..............$0
5th - 0..............$0
Didn't rank - 2....$0 (one online $15k guaranteed tourny, one live freeroll)

Limit ring game winnings $-50 (one not so good night)
No limit ring game winnings £0 (havent played any)



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Sammy, move up a level and see, as you seem to have that format licked.

(someone may want to tell diabloblanco about the following sentance so he can add it to his funny little sig, if he's got room. I'll put it in bold so it will make it easier for him to spot).

Sometimes the level of play at mid stakes level is lower than that at small stakes level.

By this i mean that at the $1 - $2 levels people are often playing with very small bankrolls which they guard with their life. At the higher $5 - $10 levels bankrolls tend to be much higher, so people can often play looser (as they are able to absorb more losses). Obviously once you go into the higher levels you are playing with the better players.

I'd give $5 a go, and see how you get on - there's no other way too find out, but your current returns are good. Problem is, you must have played a hell of a long time to accumulate that $33.


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Have you tried the $1 18 player games on Pacific?

I hadn't been to the site in months, i found there was a couple of bucks left so i tried one and played it similar to a SnG and an hour later i was $18 better off :D:D

Of course it all depends on what you are looking for, more money :D or stepping your game up :D which in time could and should lead to more money :D:D

Good luck



Great responses guys!

Thanks for all the input, I'm gonna try a combonation of all these things. Last night I played in a $5 buy in (10 seat)and came in second ($15 payoff). I'll keep track for 2 weeks or so and update it on here again.


Sammy 1st off you placings have been extremely consistent, well done

Secondly, with your BR being at only $66, and the fact you cant deposit means you should definitely consider staying at the current limits, especially considering the consistent level you have of making the money. Once you are up around $100, consider moving to $5 SnG, the play will be of a very similar level to the current one and if you play the same you will be fine

The problem you will find with MTT's is that you might find it hard to get placed, not because you are not good enough but just because MTT's, especially the lower buyins, tend only to pay top 10 or 20 players, so if you dont placed in these a few times you will soon find your BR dwindling and it may affect your play.

MTT's are great fun and the rewards are far heftier than SnG's so once you fell you can afford to lose a bit of your BR on these, give it a go and let us know how things go


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Sammy, i've got some bonus money on pacific poker which I cant be bothered clearing, so i had a go on a $30 5 player SnG (for research purposes). The play was truly awful - no kidding, I had 4 bad beats and still won. Obviously you've got to play within your bankroll, but from a competition point of view I dont think there's any limit on Pacific! (of course, that is just 1 SnG).

As an aside Sammy, how can you stomach playing there? That site's got to be the most turgid site there is.


robwhufc said:
As an aside Sammy, how can you stomach playing there? That site's got to be the most turgid site there is.

Honestly, They gave me a $10 Bonus and I've cleared It. I can withdraw any amount now without depositing. What is turgid? (Must be really bad) What was it you didn't like? The interface? As a side note I played in a $10 +$1(which is a fortune for me) MTT this morning. Came in sixth place for a $86 payout. Got Pocket queens and was rooted by pocket Aces. I played good and that $86 is really gonna help my $5 sit-n-go games!