poker.coms' stand related to US ban




The passing of this act through congress will have no immediate affect
on operations at We are not currently planning to close the
accounts of US players, and all funds within player accounts are
perfectly safe and will always be readily accessible. It is worth noting
that the act is primarily related to financial transactions between
gaming businesses and banks and no penalties have been introduced to to
discourage individual citizens who wish to play poker online. We will
continually monitor the legislative changes and obtain detailed legal
advice on this situation, but for now it is business as usual.

As far as we are concerned our operations are 100% legal under
international law and we follow all laws of the jurisdictions in which
our operations reside.

At the moment we encourage all members to join the Poker
Players Alliance, and to contact your government representatives to
voice your opinion on the potential Internet gambling Prohibition law.

Have fun & good luck,

Harry Pitts Customer Support

Thought some would like to read the response to an e-mail I sent


Cardschat Hall of Famer - RIP Buck
i dont play there to much, but this is good to know, Also Fulltilt is NOT pulling out i got their email this morning, Whoopie for Fulltilt, buck:joyman:


I got this in an email from today:

We just wanted to let everyone know that the proposed legislation in the United States will have little to no affect on the operations at We will not be stopping US based players from playing at and all player account balances are 100% safe and will always be readily accessible. Our business is licensed and regulated, perfectly legal under international law and we follow all laws in the jurisdictions where our operations are based (canada, UK, netherlands Antilles & Australia). has actually been recording record numbers of new player signups from the USA since the announcement of the proposed law. A lot of players seem be choosing as their new site of choice, which is great news for everyone and we look forward to the day when US politicians realise their errors and decide to regulate one of their country's favourite pastimes - playing poker with their friends online.