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Jun 5, 2006
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My Freeroll history.
I started playing freerolls at full tilt poker back in november of 2005. Then I tried Bet Fred, Noble,, Titan, Pokerroom and Holdem. By January I found PokerWorld, Bugsy's Club, Eurolinx, Hollywood, Celebrity and Absolute Poker. February's new finds were bodog, Poker Champs, CD Poker and Poker4ever. Now it's June and I play everyday at Bodog, CD Poker,, Full Tilt, Poker Champs and Poker4ever because these sites have the best freerolls for my needs. Occassionally I still play at all the other sites lest I find a moment when I'm not in a freeroll tournament. Lately, I've been in the money 2-3 or 4-5 times a day, from 30-40% of all freerolls played. So I guess with time this freeroll thing can help a player's game along. 9 months running I'm feeling fairly confident in my game. I hope to report in the near furture that I'm winning these freeroll tournaments. This has yet to be accomplished.

For those of you who are too good to play freerolls. I have just one example for you.Sitting with Chris Ferguson at a $40 Horse or Razz freeroll MTT is quite an experience for me.Rumor has it that "Jesus" turned $1 into $25000 there too_Ooops that was 2 examples..Hehe

Thanks for your replies
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Jan 14, 2006
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I will agree with you rjovi that playing against Chris Ferguson or even being on the same table to talk to Chris Ferguson is pretty good thing to experience, but you should be going into real money tables or enter micro tournaments with your winnings so that you can even further your skills at this game we call poker. Although the Freerolls will help you get some experience, what you need is some tougher competition. Even though there are some good players that play freerolls I would have to say that you will always find the more skilled players on the real money tables. Now with Chris Ferguson making $1 into over $20 000 he did do it, but he did lose his initial dollar lots of times before he got himself going. GL and maybe Chuck_T could give you some advice on the bankroll management you will need to follow. He has done amazing with Freerolls and to the money tables.


May 11, 2006
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Right now, the only games that I am playing are freerolls.


1) First of all, they are great experience. When you become successful at placing in freerolls through patient play, your chances at MTT's and SnG's increase dramatically.
2) It is a great way to build your bankroll. If you place regularly, you can watch your bankroll increase to a comfortable level so that you can go play in the SnG's and begin to profit greater more frequently.
3) It is a free way for you to experiment with your game to learn how to pick your spots for bluffing, trapping, etc. All in all, I think the free rolls are an excellent tool for helping you improve your overall game. Especially if you can get into one that has "legitimate" players, not just quick hit hopefuls.

I am also looking for a few sites that offer good rewards for free rolls. I love to play in them, and would like to find some sites that offer them frequently. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Jun 6, 2006
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played at table with Chris Ferguson

I got a habit of playing a $1 tourney at 5pm everyday. I had finished 1st before and had also done really bad before. I never pay much attention to who all signs up for these things. I got changed to another table and there was Chris Ferguson at my table. I got excited and nervous at the same time. I said hello to him and that was it. But the observers watching him play would not quit asking questions and everything. I don't know how he stands it. I mean how can you play when the chat box keeps yelling at you. Well just thought I'd share with you that I also got to play at a table with Chris Ferguson. I was so thrilled it was pretty exciting!
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Mar 14, 2005
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I'm not too good for freerolls. :D I have made a few bucks with them myself.
It's just the dangs things anymore just make me mad. Since probably 70% of the field don't give a rats A$$ how they play them or they don't know how to play the game all that well. They're fun tournaments don't ya know.:rolleyes:
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