Party poker winrate and HUDs



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Jan 13, 2019
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I've been playing micro stakes cash games for several years on the ipoker network, after over 100k hands I only managed produce a winrate of 0.2BB.

While much of this time I spent playing was learning the game, I've recently switched to party poker where HUDs are banned and without this supposedly very important tool to give me an edge, I'm playing at 11BB. 12k hands.
I know the sample isn't the best but I'm starting to think that HUDs make me make poor decisions based on 'reads' rather than playing fundamentally sound poker.
I will no doubt have improved my game in the last year also,
Has anyone else found this?


Jun 3, 2019
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As you say, you cant really draw any solid conclusions after just 12k hands, since the standard variation is then probably still close to 10BB / 100. And even if the difference is real, there can be a number of factors to cause this:

* You playing better without a HUD
* You playing better now, because you are more experienced
* Your opponents playing worse without a HUD
* The player pool being softer on partypoker because HUDs are not allowed
* The player pool being softer on PartyPoker for reasons not related to their HUD policy

But anyways it always makes sense to continue to do, whats going well, so by all means continue to play cash games on PartyPoker, if you are winning at a dubble digit rate :)


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Dec 7, 2020
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I don't use a HUD myself, but from watching how some streamers/youtubers use their HUDs I can certainly see how they could make someone a worse player. Some of these streamers/youtubers seem to regularly make plays because of 'reads' that are based on sample sizes that I think are far too small to give an indication of what a player's actual tendencies are.
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