JJ at a ring game



It depends how others are betting. If everyone is limping, then I would raise 4 times the BB. If someone has already raised the pot, I would double their raise (unless it equals less than 4 times the BB, then I would go to 6 times the BB) to further isolate the hand.

Regardless of what flops, I would lead out with a pot sized bet to see if I can take the pot down right there. If the board is showing a lot of overcards and your bet is called, you are probably behind and now you have a choice to make.

What I would do here is try for a check raise. Chances are, my betting thus far has at least scared him into believing that his top pair is at least suspect, so he will make a small bet to try and take the pot down. With a check raise you are still showing strength after he bets, and you may be able to take the pot down. If not, you are not having to commit another pot sized bet into the pot and get to see the river for cheaper than anticipated. However, if your opponent makes any more than a half pot sized bet here, you might as well fold and cut your losses.

Once again, if you get called on the turn and haven't hit your set yet, then you are likely beat. I would try and check the pot down.


I hate JJ ... I fold it :)


It depends on the situation you are... if u a first position... just open the pot with the double(or tripple) of the big blind.. so the player after you which havent the best hand probably would leave.... on a table with 10 people ... just 3 or 4 plays with you...

If u didnt hit the Flop with another Jack... just make a Test Beat... Its the best art to find out I your cards a strong or weak..


Depends...i'm not going to go through every situation, but:
Raise from any position, call a raise from any position (maybe reraise if opponent is loose)
Whenever i raise PF i make a continuation bet, regardless what flops (unless of course a really tight player calls my raise, and flop comes AKK or something like that).
If you get called, slow down and assess your situation - are you still likely ahead? if so then keep betting, if not then slow down and try to show your hand down.
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