Freerolls For Players ONLY From Specific Countries



Dec 25, 2014
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I do not understand why the last weeks so many freerolls have appeared ONLY for players from particular regions or countries , EXCLUDING other countries .

It's UNFAIR . imo .

This kind of freerolls used to exist in the past , but now there are too many of them , why ??

We complain that governments , the last years , put obstacles and prohibitions to poker players , banning poker rooms , seperating them and poker players one from another , so we cannot play ALL TOGETHER in one giant players' pool , like in the past , before BLACK FRIDAY .
Spain , portugal , Italy , problems with Russia , Serbia , other coutries , etc , etc now we separate OURSELVES ONE FROM ANOTHER even in freerolls ??
now we take our own eyes out with our owns hands ???

is it the deposits the problem ?? These players are more valuable than the others ??? lol . Then organise freerolls for depositors , last weeks I have deposited to pokerstars many times , also to partypoker , Bwin , etc , I feel deprived , unfair , the same happens not only CardsChat , in all poker forums , in PokerStars pokerschool , everywhere :(

Once again , this is not a complaint for CC , it's for everyone , but mainly for the poker rooms (PokerStars , 888poker mainly) ,that's why I put the thread here :)

Your Opinions My Friends ??? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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